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Ive been using my ts-2000x at camp with a tm-d700 head at home sucessfully for a few weeks now. yesterday i turnned it on and the contrast was inverted. Dark background with light letters. Not sure what i did to cause this. But i liked it when the letters were black. any ideas guys?

Feature Requests / Webswitch 1216H Feature Request
« on: 2018-09-15, 03:11:48 »
Activate/deactivate multiple relays

A feature to be able to group relays to turn on or off two or more at a time.
I wired mine up for a MFJ-4118 Bias-tee and i have to use two relay spots for -12 and two for +12v the way their device is wired.

Here is my setup

at my camp:
TS-2000 wiht a RRC-1258 Mkii and com2 of rrc hooked to kenwood ts-2000 CAT port on rear of radio.
TTL hooked to remote port

At my control station at home
RRC-1258Mkii and TM-d700 head.

Working great i am also using the signalink with the remote head its working fine.

What i am trying to do is use the ARCP-2000 or FT8 for cat control. Cant figure out the comp port settings. I have the RRC-1258 at my control station (home) connected. everytime i try to use any of those com ports nothing happens.

What am i doing wrong? the serial setting on the Control RRC1258 is set for kenwood.

Any help would be appreciated.


General / RRC Nano app powers off rig upon exit
« on: 2018-08-31, 16:42:42 »
IS there a way to confirure the app to NOT power the righ off at exit>

General discussion / 1274B Wiring
« on: 2018-08-27, 19:21:06 »
Does anyone have the wire Pinout for the 1274B Dongle?

Don C

Hi Everyone,

I just got my remote rig and the rrc client. How come in the RRC client the under the mic and speakers drop down i do not see the 1278 dongle listed. The drivers are installed but only the pc sound card items are listed?

Don C

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