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Feature Requests / tune function for icom
« on: 2020-10-02, 14:22:26 »
we need tune function for icom please, no fun-ction now..

General discussion forum / Civ interface microbit
« on: 2020-09-26, 14:23:03 »
Any schematic diagram of civ interface from microbit? My interface from microbit blow up after 1,5 year of continue working, first compoment on 12v cut at half, what is it?? A smd diode?

after 1,5+ years of excellent work of my ic-7100 with remoterig and civ interface from microbit, suddenly a week ago civ interface stop working!! unknown reason, all the cables in place all setup its ok nothing wrong, my remote site is not close, i hope the problem is on dc regulator inside civ interface or at max232, if it not maybe com2 at remoterig give me a goobye, radio works perfect, but i cant use it at all with app at my android phone, logging programms and ptt for digi modes! :( :( any idea???

Feature Requests / tune button at rrc-nano app
« on: 2020-09-13, 14:36:10 »
a lot of us we use a external tuner that need to be tune before operate, in my case i use an external tuner on my ic-7100 for low bands on app for my smartphone i can't operate on low bands because i can not tune it!! 73

After an update from adsl to vdsl to my control site my provider send my  a new router, my new router block the sip connection!!  it is not block from isp, sip alg is off, dhcp is on, green led still flashing, at remote site all work perfectly, new router is zte vdsl zxhn h168n

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