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After applying the version 4.27 update to my 1289H it now thinks it is a 1216H Web Switch. In addition the MAC now invalid. See the details below. When the unit boots show s the following Setup Manager.


That is the serial number of the unit.

How can I fix the invalid MAC address?
Why does the unit think it is Web Switch?

Mike - KB0FX

Company   Microbit
Product   1216H WebSwitch
Model   HAM
Software   4.27
Hardware   3
Bootloader   1.13
Build   Dec 22 2016 11:42:03
S/N   1534283977
PID   4
Uptime   0 Days, 0 Hours, 2 Mins, 41 Secs
MAC   11:00:00:00:9c:1d
IP address
Max available memory   18501
DNS status   Error, failed to resolve!
Dynamic DNS status   Inactive
NTP status   Disabled
Ping status (watchdog)   Off
Active profile   Default
Last WD Reset   18
TCP Error counter   0

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