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Jag har fått problem med Setup Manager. Installerar OK men jag får problem när jag skall köra programmet. Se bifogat felmedelande. (W10/ 64 21H1 + update 2021-08)
Lars -CCM

Hjälp. Jag har kört fast.
Uppsättning: W10 PRO senaste versionen inklusive uppdateringar.
                     IC7100 Control - RCC1258 Control - 400Km - RCC1258 Radio - IC7100
                     Driver Install CD-3011501 och ICOM USB Driver Installation Guide USB3.0

Installation : Följer Guiden steg för steg d.v.s. steg 1 . Avinstallera den gamla drivern.
                     Steg 2. Power OFF på IC-7100 koppla ur USB kabel mellan dator och RCC1258C.
                     Steg 3. Installerar CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe.
                     Steg 4. Silicon Labs.   Ready to use . Trycker Finish. Installationen klar.
                     Steg 5. Ansluter USB kabeln mellan Dator och RCC-1258.

Förväntar mig att två COM-portar skall genereras men icke. Jag vet inte hur många gånger jag försökt utan att lyckas. Gör jag något fel eller går det inte att uppdatera
ICOM's drivers via två RCC ??
73 de Lars SM0CCM  SM3CCM

General discussion forum / Need MOXA setup help.
« on: 2012-01-16, 12:14:20 »
I got my hands on a MOXA NPort 5410 ( 4 RS232 COM ports). I installed the box inside the LAN and it seems to work OK. I can't figure out how to set it up to be able to access from the outside world using DDNS ( ). I'm using a DOVADO router, no DMZ so using port forward. Any hint how to set it up? 73 de Lars

I have a Prositel PST71, the old type, with a 48VAC motor and a "C"-box.

HRD and "DX-lab > DXView" have only suport for the "D"-box. I can't change
controlbox as the "D"-box isn't compatible with the 48VAC model Prositel. 

Any hint how to solve the problem? Are there anyone that has source, in VB or old
fashion C, for a smal control program?

73 de Lars

General discussion forum / Tip for RRC to WiFi
« on: 2010-11-05, 14:52:40 »
At my Control site I have an ADSL 28Mb connection. To connect the router
to the shack I needed about 15 to 20 meter of Ethernet cable and also pass two

The solution was a "Buffalo Air Station High Power Ethernet Converter" model WLI-TX4-G54HP.

Working UFB and saved me a lot of cabling and work.

73 de Lars -CCM


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