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General discussion forum / RRC-Micro PC-Client 1274B
« on: 2019-11-14, 08:33:23 »
Hi All,

Before I order a RRC-Micro PC-Client 1274B, is there anyone that have this one and not use it anymore. I would be interested to purchase it. I need the B model since that one I can do CW via AUX port.

73 Rune LA7THA

General discussion forum / Remote RRC rebooting
« on: 2019-10-27, 05:15:43 »

I have a problem that my remote RRC (by the radio) is self rebooting. up time is typical 8-10 min then it does a self reboot and reconnect.
Was using software 2.91 then I upgrade to 2.95 but problem is still the same. The WD reset show 10 after each reboot.  The client RRC is running fine. I am using RCC 1258 MK2, sny suggestions please

73 Rune LA7THA   

Hi All,

I am not able to get sound from my 1274A "usb dongle" using PC micro client software.

1. I am using a set of MK2 and that work ok via remote, this means that the ports in router etc should be ok.

2. When i try to use the  Microbit 1274A usb dongle i get connect but audio is not transfered.

3. I have attached a bug report.

4. I have reinstall the Client software on two computers but still the same issue.

anyone that have seen this or undertsand the bug report.

73 Rune LA7THA

General / Nano on Google play
« on: 2015-08-04, 22:16:19 »
Hi Remoterig team

I uninstall everything today and then try to install "new version" on Google play. I search for Nano service but there is a message that says:
Your device is not compatible with this version. I am running samsung S6, when i go to "about your device" it says, Android 5.1.1 core version 3.10.61-5447113

From Google play i could see that this version was release today

73 Rune LA7THA

General / Nano on Play store
« on: 2015-07-24, 14:51:40 »
HI All,

Is the version available on Playstore with the new Sip stack. should work with I.e. Samsung S6

73 Rune LA7THA

General / Samsung S6 and Nano
« on: 2015-06-12, 00:42:42 »
Hi All

I just got my new Samsung S6. Try to install Nano for Kewnood as i use With my S3. I cant find the service APP. After some Reading i found this :"I'm afraid that native android SIP stack is not enabled on Nexus 6.. I Guess this is the same problem on my new S6?. Is there a work around this problem?.

73 Rune LA7THA

HI Remoterig

Anyone that can answer my question below.

73 Rune

My RRC1258 and antenna switch via IP is working excellent. I wonder if there is any plan to let the web switch talk to the system via IP. I am running Acom 2000 on web switch and could be nice if the web switch “Talk” the same language. This would get the Acom 2000 amp to follow the radio and antenna via IP.

73 Rune LA7THA

Configuration, RRC 1258 / use of Virtual ports / softports.
« on: 2015-01-10, 09:45:36 »
Hi All

Remote location.
Radio RRC Version MKIIS TS480 in use, CAT from TS480 RS232 connection to com2 in RADIO RRC.
Latest FW version 2.83 installed.

Control end
RRC Version1, latest FW version 2.83 in use. RRC Version 1 has only Com0 and COM1 physically installed in RRC box.
I am using the USB cable between RRC and my PC and in device manager I get 4 com ports.

RRC1258 COM0 (COM7)
RRC1258 COM1 (COM8)
RRC 1258 COM2 (COM6)
RRC1258 COMExtra (COM9)

Are all these soft comports supported by RRC Version1? I have try to connect TRX-Manager to com 2 (virtual port/ Softport control end) and have try to select the different settings in RRC radio and also RRC control but not able to connect TRX-manager “inn parallel” for frequency update to my logging program. Anyone that have similar program HRD, or any other logging program connected and used this way.

I have also used com1 virtual / soft port and try different setting but no luck so far.

I found this in the user manual, i dont see that comX

COM1 can be connected to the USB interface instead
of the RS-232 interface if your PC do not have
traditional com ports. When installing Microbit Setup
manager a virtual Com port called “Microbit RRC
Virtual Comport (COMX)” is installed. That’s the one
you should connect to when using HRD or other

73 Rune LA7THA

General / license
« on: 2015-01-09, 09:09:22 »

When you purchase license for Nano, will this work on several Android devises or do you need to purchase a new licens for each type of device or if you select i.e. Kenwood and / or Elecraft.
I have tested my Elecraft  KX3 on com2 and using RRC Micro,  seems to work fine. Will this also work when using Nano.

73 Rune LA7THA

Update 14JAN2015

KX3 is now supported and running on K3 Nano APP. Tested on my mobile phone Samsung s3 and also my Galaxy Tab4. I will say particularly the Nano on my tab4 is a must for a serious DX`er that will check for DX when “surfing the sofa”  

73 from a happy remoterig customer.


General discussion / RRC Micro with RRC Radio MK2S
« on: 2015-01-07, 22:51:55 »
Hi All

I just received my RRC MK2S and have configured to work with my TS480 using the front panel.
I try to activate my RRC Micro but no luck. When I was using my RRC Micro with my old RRC Radio Ver1 i used com1 in Radio RRC, mode4 4800Kbs. In RRC Micro client software I also used com1 mode4 4800 Kbs.

What com port should i use when using the New RRC Radio MK2S?. From what i find in the document i should use com2 in Radio RRC and also com2 in RRC Micro client software. What is wrong? Any suggestions?

73 Rune LA7THA

General discussion / CW from RRC Micro
« on: 2014-12-19, 23:35:35 »
Hi All,

I was told that CW function in RRC Micro was using the side tone from Radio, not produced in RRC Micro dongle.
I have listening to myself via web SDR and can hear that I send cw as normal. I have checked side tone in radio and all is ok. I am still not able to hear any side tone when sending cw.

I try to use ARCP 480 software from Kenwood, when using this software there is also a cw function via Keyboard. When I use this software I can hear my side tone as normal and i also send cw out as normal. Is there anyone else that has seen the same problem? is thre anything else i have done wrong. Using W7 64 bit system and RRC Micro Client 1.6.12BETA2.

73 Rune LA7THA

General discussion / Com issue RRC Micro
« on: 2014-12-18, 23:56:55 »
Hi All,
Hi have tried to sort out a com issue with RRC Micro version, xxxx.13, xxxx.14 and the latest xxxx.15.
If I use RRC Micro version BETA2 all is working as normal. I just start the RRC Micro client software and all is working fine. I can start and stop, exit TRX-Manager start again and all is as normal.

If I use RRC Micro version, xxxx14 or xxxx15 I can always start the RRC Micro then connect using TRX-manger. I can open the cat port and close it all day long and it work. If I EXIT TRX-Manger and start TRX-Manager again and try to connect with Cat, I can send the command but the radio will not update any i.e. frequency etc. Sometimes I get and errors say “port already open”. If I Exit TRX-Manager, EXIT RRC Micro, rebooting the PC and start again I can always connect the first time but as soon as I have EXIT TRX-Manager ones the problem comes back.
Is this related to my PC? If I uninstall and install RRC Micro client BETA2 all is back to normal again. I will leave this to the experts I have spent 10-15 hours and this is my final result. Is there anyone that is using RRC Micro with similar problem?
I am uisng W7 64bit and latest firmware in RRC Radio.

73 Rune LA7THA

General / Nano on RRC Version 1
« on: 2014-12-06, 09:05:14 »
Hi All,

I installed Nano on my Samsung S3 mobile phone. Seems I get the Sip working at least that is what RRC Radio main page is reporting. My system is working with RRC micro using PC and TRX-Manager via CAT. Cold this problem be relate to Version 1 of RRC since I can’t connect to COM2

73 Rune LA7THA

General discussion forum / Antenna switch over IP
« on: 2014-12-04, 23:12:34 »
Hi All
I just received my antenna switch 1269 and have configured it to "talk “on my network.
I can manually switch antenna and seems to do that just fine. I have tried to use the IP function between the RRC Radio and antenna switch. Settings in antenna switch are:

Antenna switch configured with IP address as in Radio RCC (
Ports are the same in RRC and antenna switch 13010. I have not been able to get the antenna switch to follow the Radio/Radio RRC.

I have also used Micro RRC and TRX-Manager to see if RS232 port is working and that work just find. Suggestions are welcome.
Using the latest software in RRC Radio and antenna switch.

Seems that info gets updated in RRC Radio see Copy and paste from Radio RRC below.

Antenna -Switch (IP)

73 Rune LA7THA

Hi All,
I have just start to connect my Remoterig system again after QRT for 14 months. I have upgrade to the latest firmware on RRC Control and RRC Radio unit. I am using version 1 of the Remoterig boxes. I have attached export of all settings as html for Control unit and radio unit. I am using KW TS480 and I try to connect this up all on the inside of my router so fire walls and port forwarding should not be a problem. actually I am using patch cable from remote rig boxes direct in to the lan port of my router. I have connected the display of my TS480 direct to the radio and I can switch power on/OFF no problem. When I connect all cables etc and try to connect there is absolute nothing that happens. Cable from Front panel TS480 to RRC control box front AUX port, then LAN cable to my router. From RRC Radio unit LAN cable direct to my router, Front RS232 on RRC box direct to KW TS480 com port (9600 baud) and RRC Radio AUX port (6pin RJ45) to KW TS 480 Panel socket. (6 pin RJ45)

IS there anything that have changed regarding sip ports etc on latest firmware or similar.

See attached export of my settings. Rename the file back to html, was not allowed to send them as html so I change the name to .jpg just convert back again should work I hope.

73 Rune LA7THA

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