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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: DESPERATE!
« on: 2012-12-17, 23:18:20 »
I made a mistake in my setup. I used TCP instead of UDP ports. The result was that I could not connect from the outside. I had to switch to UDP ports. I can select TCP or UDP in my router setup for port forwarding. Check if you have set this up properly.

73 de LA8JRA

Need help!

When i install the WIFI card in the RRC Controll, it's not possible to activate TX when using PTT.
The radio is an IC 2820.

1. When I power up the RCC, i get the red light on the wifi card.
2. The web info page shows that the card is in place.
3. I can then connect to my wifi network via the wifi card, and the radio will power on.
4. I can't get the  PTT / TX  to work.
5. When i remove the wifi card, PTT/TX works just fine. (via ethernet)

The RRC Controll has the 14 pin connector.

Without the wifi module my RCC's works fine, i use them every day.

73 de LA8JRA

General discussion forum / Re: RRC-1258 Firmware 2.65 V7
« on: 2012-12-08, 14:31:54 »
Have the same problem (IC-E2820). I have not tested lower versions of firmware, but i will try to downgrade.
Another detail is that the green light (back light in buttons) in the mic is turning on and off.

The radio will not turn on, and the following messages are comming on the telnet port from the controll unit, but noting is happening on the telent port for the Radio unit.

CP-> Panel power off due to no comm.
CP-> Panel power on after SIP error
CP-> Panel power off due to no comm.
CP-> Panel power on after SIP error

Hope for som hints!


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