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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Yaesu ft 891
« on: 2019-11-24, 02:19:04 »
Anyone had luck configuring the FT-891 with remote rig?? If so what’s the jumper config??

Ahh, thank you Harry! This makes sense... I see the underside picture now... and where to cut... very helpful.

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The resistors you have circled in the image, did you remove those or leave them alone?? Why are they circled? I see the module on Amazon and how you soldered it in place... I can do that

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Thank you for the reply!! I have been out on holiday/vacation for the past week and am just getting caught up on emails... the circuit modification might be over my head... hopefully I won’t have to do that!!? If you let me know what the shipping costs, etc are I can’t pay you via PayPal or something?

I will plan on working on the configuration, and opening the router ports up this week / this weekend.

Thank you for your help and support!!!

James Soler
(Will PM address)

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Did you get this working? I have tm-v71 on a local lan that has worked fine, Sadly I cant say the same for my other one that is remote via internet.

As I recall the same config worked with my tm-d710, just a different cable end on the data cable to the head. I would need to find that cable to verify it again for you.

I think my configs would be fine, you just need change the ips to suit your lan. I have 3 v71s and 2 d710s and I dont know what head came with what radio any more.


So far I have had no luck!!! I use remote rig on a 480 just fine... so I fully understand the general premise and configuration....

I have made the patch cables 10 times without success... so at this point I don’t know what else to do. I would love to purchase the cables from a working radio to rule out the cables as the problem... so frustrating.


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I have tried every cable combo I can.. I have followed the Manuel as close as possible with no luck. Anyone able to point me to a set of cables that I can purchase??? :(
Anyone willing to make a set that works on a Kenwood Tm-710D?? I have had luck making cables for my other rig: Kenwood TS-480 but on this second unit I have given up..

Phoenix, AZ

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I have been trying to get a Kenwood D710 and a pair of RRC-1258MKII to work on the same network but am at a loss and need help.

I have set the jumpers and straps in accordance to the manual. I have made and remade a bunch to times the cable from radio to RRC and panel to RRC without any luck in getting the display to power up.

I am able to connect to each unit via iP and it appears they are communicating with each other.

Using all OEM equipment.. power supply etc.

Is it possible to buy the cables needed to connect radio to RRC and panel to RRC? 6” length or what ever...??? Any other ideas would be appreciated.



  Thank you for the excellent response! I have followed your directions and without success... attached are some screen shots regarding the settings you made mention of. Perhaps you will see a possible reason for why there is no communication via the serial ports remote rig / radio / PC?

A cable was placed from the radio to the RRC device COM2; and at the remote RRC a serial cable was placed from COM2 to the PC... no connection between the PC software and the Radio was detected  :(

The kenwood was placed on a baud rate of 4800 as you noted.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Thank you for the reply Mitch! Does a DB9 cable need to connect the radio (kenwood 480) to the RRC device? Assuming the answer is YES, then it would likely use port 1, which then would then leave me with only one port available at the RRC device which would be used by the Autotunner.. and on the remote RRC device the port on it could be used for computer software?

Can you clarify for me how the data port is connected between RRC the radio? (is it simply DB9 out from the radio to the COM1 on the RRC?) And once connected, is the serial port #2 on the remote RRC unit as well as at the control RRC device active? Or is this where the "sync configuration" comes into play?

Thank you for the reply!


Greetings… I have been enjoying the ARRL DX contest this weekend as so many of us have been! But moving forward I really could use some help tweeking my remote-rig radio (Kenwood 480) / N1MM  and turbo tunner (N2VZ) configuration and REALLY hope someone can point me in the right direction as I have exhausted all search efforts.

Problem: I have a Kenwood 480-SAT with a Tarheel Screwdriver antenna which requires me to use a turbo-tunner from N2VZ.  I would like to use N1MM software and yet keep the turbo-tunner plugged in at the same time but the Kenwood only has ONE DB-9 outlet.

Is there a way to have both the turbo tunner in-line at the same time as the N1MM software and RUN REMOTE RIG?

I have tried splitters, and DB9 switches with no luck!  The remote rig setup as it has own set of DB9 outlets on the unit… but I can not figure out how to get it all working at the same time (radio, remote rig, and N1MM or any other software like Ham Radio Delux, ect)!

Is anyone using a kenwood 480-sat, remote rig, computer logging software, AND N2VZ turbo tunner at the same time?   (if so... how?)

(The remote rig boxes DO have a DB9 outlets… but I have no idea how to use them)...

Thank you for any advice you can give!

Best regards,

-Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

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