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I use my RRC with my Flex3000 with great results. I feed the audio from the Headphone jack of the 3000 to the speaker input on the RRC-Radio box. I set the straps inside for a Yaesu modular microphone.

At the control end, I am using a Heil microphone, Icom speaker and a Palm Mini Paddle.

Charlie KB8CR

Flex 3000 headphone output works perfectly with the RRC. Thanks !!

Charlie KB8CR

Thank you . I thought[ so but wasn't sure.

I have my RRC-Control box set up for Icom CI-V. I am using an Icom hand mic on it.

If I set up a RRC-Radio box for a Yaesu (General) rig, and cable it to that radio, can I use the RRC-Control box as it is currently configured (except for changing the mode parameter to Yaesu), or do I need to change the jumpers in the RRC-Control box and use a Yaesu mic?


Charlie KB8CR

I would think the 3000's headphone jack's output would be similar. Might try that first.

Might be easier to just put a small audio amp on the output of the Flex.

Charlie KB8CR

I am interfacing the RRC1258 to my Flex 3000. The AF output from the radio is line level, not amplified.  The RRC manual says that the radio side should always be at "0". Is it ok to increase the input codec gain to accept the low level AF coming out of the radio? Is there a suggested level?


Charlie KB8CR

I have a Heil Dynamic mic that I would like to use on my RRC-Control unit. Does anyone have suggestions on how to wire it?


Charlie KB8CR

The question is do you have radio panel in remote location connected via RemoteRig RRC1258 ?
If not you haven't that problem described above.

I tried lower bit rate of CAT,  few programs, I send by myself commands for ON / OFF, but it workes only with panel connected directly to radio (not via RRC1258).

Yes, I have had the Control Head not connected to the radio.

I think that the extra null characters in the command were needed to 'wake up' the radio to receive the "ON" command.

That is odd, because I have my 7100 hooked up to the RRC, and the USB to my computer. I sometimes run RCForb Server ( on the computer, and it has no problem turning the rig on/off.

I'm no programmer, but Remotehams' programmer worked (using Teamviewer) with me to develop the driver they use for the IC7100, and he had to add some 'null' characters to the "ON" command to get it to work reliably. The "OFF" command worked well right away.

Charlie KB8CR

General discussion / Windows 10 microphone muted
« on: 2018-03-10, 22:59:05 »
When I used Windows 7, the internal mic in the laptop (which is what I was using) was muted until I pressed the PTT button on the RRC Micro dongle.

In Windows 10, the microphone STAYS muted, even when pushing the PTT button. I have to manually go to the settings for that microphone, and unmute it to use it.

Is there a fix for this? The mic is normally unmuted, except when I run RRC Micro.

Charlie KB8CR

I know....that will connect the RRC's together just fine......but it won't turn the POWER to the radio on or off.

The problem is if I change the radio RRC to CI-V mode, I can't turn the radio on/off. The radio would have to already be on, and then the RJ45 on the Radio RRC would connect to the MIC input on the radio, not the control head port of the radio. Then it wouldn't work with the control head in remote use.

I have the newer Micro RRC software and version 2 dongle, it keeps disconnecting for some reason. and the paddle CW is very flaky. I've all but given up on it.

Yea, it would be nice to just buy another control head and leave it in Florida, but it's pretty steep price.

Charlie KB8CR

In the future, I might take my IC-706 that I originally used for remoterig, and leave its control head and a Control RRC down there, and use IT remotely. (It's just sitting in the closet otherwise. :-)

Guess this won't work then. I was gonna try to leave the Radio RRC in 7100 mode so I could connect to it with a Control RRC with a control head in 7100 mode, and also connect to it with a PC only with a Control RRC in CI-V mode.

I was going to use my Micro RRC when I go to my Florida QTH, but it keeps disconnecting, and the paddle CW doesn't work worth a darn that way.

Guess I'll just tote the control head with me to FLorida.

Charlie KB8CR

I left the radio rrc set up as it was (set up for control head use)......I tried plugging the microphone into the Control RRC that was setup for control head, but changed the "mode" in the web interface to "CI-V". It worked on CW, but the mic didn't work. Maybe if I change the jumpers in the control RRC to the settings shown for CI-V it'll work.  I'm controlling the radio using COM2. Maybe I'll have to change the "mode" to CI-V on the radio RRC too?

Charlie KB8CR

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