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Palle, this is what I heard back from Elecraft regarding the USB:


The USB Port on the K3/0-MINI is for use with software based remote systems such as RemoteHamRadio or RemoteHams.
When using the RemoteRig based remote system (DB15 cable connected to back of the K3/0-MINI), the USB port on the K3/0-MINI is
very limited or not functional.

The USB Port is not designed to be used with the RemoteRig based remote system.

In this case, you should interface your 3rd party software to the RemoteRig device.


I guess it's time to break out my SignaLink.

OK. I will keep trying. Thank you.

I read your checklist and the steps did not work for me. Read my replies.

More useless background: I'm only really remoting the radio from my 2nd Floor office to my basement. It was easier to rewire the electricity down there for the amp. As far as the power to the KPA1500 goes, I've found that I can't reliably turn the power on and off using Ethernet, but I can using USB. I can leave the computer down by the radio/amp. I bought it for that purpose anyway.

I can now get my Mac logging software to talk to my K3, but not my K3 Update utility.

I don't have a sound card for my Mac. I've been using the USB audio out on my K3. I don't suppose there's already USB audio on the K3/0 and I can rewire the "broken audio" someway?

Otherwise, I think I'm back to trying to get the COM1 on the radio side to work and I'm going to remotely operate wsjtx.

I didn't want it on all the time the K3 was on.

I suppose that's not a huge problem. I will try it your way. :)

Why am I doing this? I want to control my KPA1500 remotely and, at the moment, it appears that to power it on and off I need a USB connection to the KPA1500. To get a USB connection to the KPA1500 I need to have a computer local to my KPA1500. Does that make sense?

As long as I'm putting a computer next to my KPA1500 and K3(S), I might as well run wsjt-x on the computer next to the radio.

No one has answered my question: can I talk to the K3(S) on the radio side using RS-232 with a computer next to the radio while I'm using the RRC-1258 MkII?

Now that I've spent all this money on a new remote computer, etc, it sounds like I can do everything remotely (besides the power on/off). Oh well.

Instead of trying to run wsjt-x at the control site, I bought a NUC to put at the radio running Ubuntu 18.04LTS. I have a K3 with KIO3B upgrade, and a KPA1500.

I can control the KPA1500 with my NUC just fine. Unfortunately, I can't talk to my K3 at all. I'm jockeying around with the COM2 settings and I could use some help to try to get the local NUC (remember, it's at the radio side, not the control side) to talk to the K3.

I was also thinking if this is not possible, can I just disconnect COM2 from the RRC-1258MkIIs and just connect the RS-232 directly to the NUC? Does the RRC-1258Mk2IIs need COM2 at all?

Thanks for any help. I'm trying options one by one and it's driving me nuts. I've already bought a copy of Win10Pro before I realized the problem wasn't Win10 (tried my laptop) but was with the serial port. I'd rather not waste hundreds more USD to figure this out.

On page 22 it says:

Control-RRC only: JMP-1 is placed behind the TTL connector. With the strap in place a DC voltage is feed to the microphone element. All ICOM microphones should be DC-feed.
Dynamic microphones like the ones used by Kenwood should not be DC-feed. HEIL microphones should not be DC-feed either.

Heil microphones aren't all dynamic and some are electret and require the DC bias. I found this out the hard way when trying to debug a non-operational microphone.

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