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I just obtained a set of RRCs to use with a K3/0 and K3.
DJ0QN once provided a set of checklists that made the setup easier.
I hope someone saved them and can report them here, or email them to me
k6ufo at arrl dot net
Thanks, Mark K6UFO

I operate WSJT-X (FT8) through a K3/0-Mini and RemoteRig RRC-1258MkIIs to stations on  Issues I have noted are that WSJT-X CAT control works poorly (or not at all) through the virtual serial ports created for the RRC. I use manually tuning outside of WSJT-X and set the WSJT-X band/freq pulldown to the proper band so logging is correct.  Also, unless you have a PTT signal no MIC audio is passed through the RRC. You can configure a serial port to provide a PTT, or I use a SignaLink USB interface which has a VOX function which creates a PTT signal from the audio. I connect the SignaLink PTT output to the PTT input on the K3/0-Mini and it works fine to key the radio and let Mic audio through. Good luck, K6UFO Mark

Hello Peter, I operate digital modes (mostly RTTY) using a K3/0-Mini and a
remote K3. I operate direct to my own K3, and on 
A description of how I do it is available on my page for
K6UFO. Under "Articles" near the bottom of the page, look for:
 K6UFO's How to Operate Digital Modes on

To respond to some of your particular questions:

1) The received audio level is dependent on the AF knob, because only the
"Speaker" audio is being returned from the remote K3, and it varies with
the AF knob.

2) There is no audio signal on the K3 TX site using the USB audio
codec because it does not carry audio, only rig Control, PTT, CW
keying. Not audio.

Your transmit audio needs to go (attenuated) into the K3/0-Mini Mic
input, or into the AUX/Mic input on the Control RRC-1258. Otherwise there
will be no audio to transmit at the radio. I do not know of any way to
use the USB connection to do this with the default settings for a K3/0-Mini  and
RRC-1258 remote system from Elecraft.

You cannot monitor the actual transmitted audio with the K3/0-Mini
"MONitor" function unless you have specifically enabled that in your
configuration by settiing up Full Duplex and Continuous RTP Tx.
(RRC User Manual page 59.)
Otherwise, you are hearing a locally generated signal from your HRD/
laptop. You would know if you were really monitoring the transmitted signal
by the time delay.

I think you have assumptions about how it should work that are not the
same as the actual functioning described in the K3 Remote Owner's Manual
and the RemoteRig_RRC1258-MkII_Users_manual

Good luck,
Mark  K6UFO

Hi Gerry and Cary, Why don't you use the PADdle output on the Radio RRC to the KEY input on the K3?  In the RemoteRig_RRC1258-MkII_Users_manual page 13 it looks like DTR is not passed through to the Radio RRC COM1. The USB Virtual Com ports can be used on the Control end for DTR input (page 70), but that will appear at the Radio RRC on the I/0 Connector not on the DTR of COM1.   

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Configuring for JT Modes
« on: 2015-06-15, 18:40:24 »
Glad you found the problem. The K3/0-Mini is expecting "microphone" level audio,
and the PC audio card out is at a much higher level. You might have enough
adjustment range in the slider volume controls. A simple in-line volume control
like for headphones, or your own home built voltage divider of 100:1 would help a lot.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Configuring for JT Modes
« on: 2015-06-14, 19:01:33 »
Hi Larry,
You say "audio card out must need to go somewhere other than it currently does."
Where does it currently go?  The audio card out needs to get to the MIC input on the
K3/0-Mini through a attenuator.

A second problem could be that you need to have the K3's MAIN menu set to
MIC+LIN ON since the tones will be arriving there on the MIC input.  This is
stored PER MODE, so set it ON for USB mode, and then again ON for DATA mode.

This lets you test in USB mode. In the Phone portion of a band, let the WSJT software
key the rig, then see if your Microphone audio is getting through to the radio. If yes,
then unplug your Microphone and plug in your audio card out connection and see if the
tones get through the same way. 

GL, Mark Aaker K6UFO

Last year, I had trouble getting shipment or answers from Idiom press, so
instead I bought from Easy Rotor Control and had prompt shipment and no problems.
I had a Hy-gain controller, but their website lists Yaesu controllers.
Good luck,  Mark K6UFO

General discussion forum / Re: JT65 and Latency
« on: 2015-02-28, 17:51:16 »
John, Thank you for the information. I'll review my own levels again. Mark K6UFO

General discussion forum / Re: JT65 and Latency
« on: 2015-02-26, 20:18:38 »
John said: > Do not run the remote rig system with an audio quality setting which uses ALAW.
> ... very skilled at setting up the TX and RX levels at both ends...

Hi John, The Elecraft K3 "Twin" setup uses Audio Quality 2 Linear 16 bits 8 kHz. Is that a good setting for digital modes, and can you briefly explain how you set the levels properly? Thanks, Mark K6UFO

Hi John, I use the side jacks on the K3/0-Mini. I don't have a mic with circular connector. K6UFO

My K3/0-Mini works great with a Yamaha CM500 headset. Good audio on transmit and receive. Maybe it's the Heil microphone is a low level dynamic instead of a high-level electret?

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