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Feature Requests / Re: CW transmit function needed..
« on: 2018-01-26, 08:18:31 »
I have tried RRC Nano for TS480 too and it's excellent, but.. I would really need CW transmission too!  :)

At least, transmitting some macros (like RRC-micro PC software) would be fine.

Specifically for TS-480 (maybe it's easier to implement): the radio has 3 playback memories that allow transmission of 3 pre-recorded messages. This is valid for CW but would also be useful for phone (if you have VGS-1 installed)  .
This function is started by keys CH1 CH2 CH3 on radio) or by "PB" command in the kenwood serial protocol.

Many thanks for your kind attention

Mauro IK2WPO

General / Re: Remoterig RRC Nano Server - tablet?
« on: 2014-10-29, 08:47:04 »
Hello, I have already answered on another thread, anyway: on my phone (LG D605) the app does not install because of the SIP VOIP service missing. This service is required by RRC Nano Server! :'(
Searching on the internet, it seems that many branded Android devices (from Samsung, LG, Motorola, ...) do have SIP disabled or even removed.

I have verified the missing services using this free app:

This reported SIP and SIP VOIP services not available on my phone  >:( >:(. Maybe this is your problem too.


Mauro IK2WPO

General / Re: rrc nano server not available
« on: 2014-10-29, 08:36:33 »
Hello, I have got the same issue with my phone, which is an LG D605 (Optimus II L9) running Android 4.4.2.
I have tried some other phones running the same Android version (and even lower...): the server installed correctly on them! So Android version is not the issue.

I made some deeper investigations: I found out that the server application needs the SIP VOIP capability (of course..), which is included in Android, but it seems that some branded phones have SIP support removed!

I have seen some apps that allow using SIP even on my phone: they don't rely on the stock Android SIP library, maybe it's possible to use this way to make SIP calls?

Many thanks for your attention

Mauro, IK2WPO

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