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General discussion / Remoterig control box
« on: 2016-11-24, 00:32:20 »
Did anybody know if the remote rig control box can be program as radio control instead of control at the radio head. I m using Kenwood nano and the control box is not used just the radio box with nano

General / Galaxie samsumg s 5 with nano Kenwood ts480
« on: 2016-09-24, 00:46:53 »
Just find out the right audio on tx with my samsung galaxie s 5
Ts 480 tx eq at HB2
Radio setting on remoted rig are as fallow
Audio quality. 0 alaw 8 hz
Audio dual rx.   No
Codec out gain 240
Codec inp gain 0
Codec inp hpf hz 204
Codec inp attenuation yes
Com0 baudate rate 9600
Com0 data bits 8
Com0stop bits 1
Com0 0
Com 0 program 3    2
Ajustement on nano app
Jitter size 12
Jitter delay 8
Hope that s help someone

General / Kenwood nano vs galaxie s5 problem fixed
« on: 2016-08-29, 00:11:23 »
If anyone intered I have found a good quality audio on transmit with my galaxie s5,
And my ts 480.
The radio setting on my remoterig is
Audio quality 0- Alaw 8hz
Audio -rx no
Codec out gain 240
Codec inp gain 0
Codec inp hpf-hz 204
Codec inp attenuation yes
Comp baudrate 9600
Com0 databits 8
Com0 paruty 0 off
Com0 program mode char timeout 2
And finally jitter size 12 and jitter delay 8
Hope this set up help someone else because I work hard to find those goode setting
Also tx dsp on the 480 is hb2

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