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General discussion forum / Re: 480 will not connect
« on: 2022-12-07, 01:37:11 »
HI Gary- I have a 480 also. This indication is usually due to the Control RRC will not connect to the Radio RRC. Have you had successful connects in the past? If so, then check your connections. Has anything changed? If not then you will need to ensure all your router ports are configured. This is not for the faint of heart, even if you are an experienced router/network guy. I thought I was and then needed mitch to login to my system and help me figure it out. These are complex boxes but once connected and working, they are priceless.
my RRC page:

Webswitch is unusable, there's no help, I'm stranded with this webswitch and very disappointed in the microbit help and forum. Mitch where are you? ...So I am going to throw it in the garbage, or the junkbox. Going to buy this other webswitch which has a ready and willing help dept:

Still having problems with this webswitch. Upgraded the firmware using the setup manager. Uploaded v4.59 for 1216H HAM edition and now there's a NEW Problem.There are no relays showing in the menus. It appears to be setup as a Rotor controller only, no relay output selections on any pages. I can access it over the network but it will not work over the microbit ddns, even though all the items appear correct.
thanks for any assistance
de Dave WB7ELY

Hey Wb7ELY- I understand that you CAN ACCESS the webswitch's webpage via the microbit dns but you cannot change any parameters? And this is due to the userid and password are not recognized? that's crazy hopefully someone can help you out, otherwise, check other webswitch options and call it bricked through no fault of your own..

I cannot seem to access/change my webswitch 1216H settings. The help page states that the "webswitch uses its generated password and userid" on the dns setup page. I have entered the userid and password using the show password button and it is not recognized/rejected. (see the the attached screen shot)
please help-mitch are you still out there?
de dave

It appears the webswitch wants a username and password to make any changes to its configuration. If you have failed to note your username and password, there must be a way to recover it even if its a full reset.

Appears my functioning webswitch was scrambled by a power failure and resulting spike. Subsequent power back-on at the remote site revealed a tough problem. I am able to control the relays but they return to their relaxed position a few minutes later. I recently arrived at the remote site and figured I could just connect to the webswitch with my laptop using the USB connection and use the setup manager to reset everything but it does not respond to the setup manager. Some of the other screens are also scrambled. Check this link to view my screenshots:
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
de Dave

Thanks Mike but it does not show the screens you describe.
In the Webswitch Dynamic DNS Settings menu:
The "dynamic DNS host name" pull down menu allows me to select ""
and this is whtat I want and have always used...but when I hit submit, it shows a screen which wants a userid and password.
What userid and password should I use?
thanks de dave WB7ELY

HI Jack-- I run a KPA500 and RRC using the 38,900 baud rate. Works great. Could never get COM2 to run the companion KAT500. Not sure if it was me or the RRC. Gave up after a bunch of troubleshooting and just hit it with 30 watts and it tunes fine. Make sure you use a null modem RS232 cable on COM1.
de dave WB7ELY

Seems I have lost the DDNS Client after a power failure and probably a spike on the power lines. I can see the webswitch menus and have momentary control of the switches but they revert to off after a couple of minutes. It looks like the DDNS Client DDNS Host name got scrambled and then when I try and pull the drop down box to reselect the menu item, it wants a userid and password. Ahh, its been in continuous operation for over two years and I have lost the info in my notes. I am 1900 miles south of the remote station sheesh am I screwed?
 Check these screen shots and any help would be appreciated.
de Dave WB7ELY

Thanks Mitch-- That link contains a worthwhile presentation that should be required reading for everyone using com ports and USB cables. I will take some time and go through my windows device menus and see what I can fix.
much apprec..
de Dave/WB7ELY

I have attached a screenshot of the serial setup page. Looks normal from the radio end. See what you think. Otherwise appears I'm running barefoot until I can get back to the remote radios at the end of February.
de dave/WB7ELY

Thanks for your inputs. So I am probably looking for some problem with the serial cables and/or operating system. Here's some addt'l troubleshooting info:
1. At the control-end I am using a double-ended RS232 null-modem cable from KPA500 to the RRC COM 1
2. At the Radio-end I am using an FTDI RS232 to USB cable. Win 7 device manager says it is working and all the drivers are OK. Moved it to another USB port on the laptop and same indications and status.  When I attempt the remote amplifier connect, the RS232 plug on the RRCs embedded lights flash once as it polls the remote. The lights flash continuously when a successful connect is achieved.
3. I also am running a microbit webswitch. I see it has a micro USB comport. Documentation on the website is sketchy on how to use it. But what about trying that? Not sure how I'd interface the Radio end laptop and remote utility.
de Dave WB7ELY

No replies  so I am assuming nobody else out there has had this problem. Mitch usually has a weigh in but he's silent too. Based on the indications, I am going to call this a hardware failure of the RRC control unit. I could buy a separate serial server (Lantronics UDS2100) for $249 or another RRC control... and substitute and see if its really bad. Does anyone out there have an extra RRC 1258 control they could loan me to substitute for a quick check?
Thanks de Dave WB7ELY

Hello Forum--I've been running my remote station for about three months with a remote controlled KPA500 and I've completely lost remote control.  The TS480 and 1258 RRC remote control works fine and no complaints on the radio operation. At first the KPA control was intermittent and  then began to show errors on the utility screen (ERR:FC?0).. now it won't communicate at all. Resetting the control RRC worked one time, but subsequent resets at control and radio do not seem to wake anything up. I'm plugged into COM1 on both ends and running the radio end on a separate laptop. The fact that it worked for three months tells me I had it set up OK. So where to start troubleshooting? Here's a link to some pix of the setup:
Thanks de Dave WB7ELY

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