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General discussion forum / Mitch - DJ0QN SK
« on: 2024-01-22, 21:52:03 »
I was very sorry to hear of Mitch's passing ... He was always so very helpful and a super hero to this Forum. He was always helpful with suggestions and knowledge sharing. Fortunately, most all of that knowledge is now archived here for anyone else looking to get into RemoteRig configuration. Rest in peace, Mitch.
Dennis - WU6X

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: RTP Audio Stalled-SOLUTION
« on: 2022-12-15, 19:14:13 »
I thought to repost on this issue for others having a similar problem, as I found the solution. Per the manual, page 240, SIP ALG must be disabled in the router. On this new installation, the router was furnished by the ISP and I forgot to tell them to DISABLE SIP ALG in the router ... and, that was the problem. All is working perfectly now.
Dennis - WU6X

Configuration, RRC 1258 / RTP Audio Stalled
« on: 2022-12-14, 03:01:58 »
I'm getting a condition when connecting to a remote setup where the display lights, but no audio comes through. This is intermittant; sometimes it works fine. The STATUS page of the RRC shows, Connection status: "Faulty", SIP Status: "connected and transferring", RTP/UDP audio status: "Stalled (12)". Audio Quality is matched on both ends.

Radio: TS-480HX; RRC-1258 MkII; CAT cable connection to router; all ports forwarded properly on radio end. The local LAN connection works flawlessly, all ports forwarded and firewalls off. But profile for remote connection has the problem

Any ideas on where to look from here would be helpful.

Hi Lou,
Sorry so long on getting back ... I wasn't seeing your response notification. In any case, I've solved the ragged audio issue by dialing back the codec imput gain, and the mic gain on the radio. The result is good audio again. Having said this, I have another problem that I'll post under a different subject. We can consider this one closed.
Tnx again
Dennis - WU6X

General discussion forum / Re: Windows 11 / Virtual Ports?
« on: 2022-09-10, 16:17:37 »
Hi Kevin,
I had a similar problem ... I upgraded my hard drive with a fresh install of Win10 and now can't see the virtual ports from the RemoteRig. Did you find any remedy to the problem?
73, Dennis - WU6X

SOLUTION: I found that the new iPhone13 will transmit a hotspot connection on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. In order to use it with the RRC-1258 MkII WiFi board, you must lock the iPhone13 at 2.4Ghz.

From Apple: Since some older devices can only use a 2.4GHz connection, like the RRC-1258 MkII, which can lead to compatibility issues, Apple has introduced a new "Maximize Compatibility" option so you can switch to 2.4Ghz when needed. When the Maximize Compatibility option is toggled ON, the hotspot will broadcast only on 2.4Ghz.

This setting is found under Settings/Personal Hotspot.

In addition, set the Control-RRC to DHCP using Microbit Manager. This setting is found on the SETUP tab, [Get From Device] button. This will allow the iPhone to assign an IP address to the RRC. I've setup a unique PROFILE to automatically switch from the default IP to the iPhone DHCP IP assignment when traveling.

Has anyone used the new iPhone-13 as a hotspot to connect to the RRC-1258 Control-RRC with wifi card? I've been able to scan and find an iPhone 7 and 10, and successfully use these as cellular network connections to the Internet and remotely control my home station, but the 13 fails to show up in a scan.

Thank you for the comments and suggestions, W1UE and VK3ALB. W1UE-Dennis, I'm not sure what you mean by "matching the Codecs" ... do you mean INP GAIN? As looking at both boxes that is the only setting common between them that is now different (I'll try that). Codec Out is at 255 on both, the default. Otherwise, I have tried everything. I've had these units for more than a year, setup on the floor of my shack to test and evaluate before moving the radio to the remote location. I've also reset the RRC to factory defaults and completely reconfigured it; no change.

I borrowed a complete 2nd system to use in troubleshooting. With both the newer system (serial #3440) and my older RRC (serial #2449), strapped, setup, and configured identically, the new unit works flawlessly, while mine breaks into audio oscillation, pegging the ALC as soon as the PTT button on the Kenwood TS-480 mic is pressed. I've tried both strapping plans as described in the manual; no change. I'm not sure what else to try at this point.

The only difference between my RRC and the borrowed unit is I have the Wireless daughter board installed. Yes, I've tried cabling both the RRC and radio boxes directly into the router and the problem is still present. I'm using local IP's on both. But, since this system worked at one time, I'm not sure what changed in my shack to make my system stop working. I did change the router, but that doesn't explain why the newer unit works and mine doesn't, directly connected or hardwired.
Comments/suggestions are always appreciated. 73, Dennis

I have my TS-480HX setup in the shack using both RemoteRig ends connected via wireless router. Audio is distorted and un-readable with the mic connected to the RRcontrol box, but sounds perfect when connected directly to the radio. I'm thinking the RRcontrol box has developed a problem in the audio chain.
The next step was going to be to move the radio to my RV and operate off the antenna there in a remote base configuration via the wireless network.
Has anyone seen this or had this problem, or have any ideas on troubleshooting the issue further?
RRC 1258 MK2, software v2.95 with WiFi adapter boards installed on both ends.
73, Dennis - WU6X

Hi Alf,
I have no experience with the dongle or ARCP. In fact, I found ARCP to be less than useful and use other specific software for digital modes. I did discover the following, which may help:
1. WSJT-X - put radio in VFO mode for FT8 (upper sideband, mic gain=12, power=30)
2. MixW2 - used for PSK/RTTY (upper sideband, mic gain 12, power 30/100, respectively)
3. Try FlDigi - this is working for PSK, RTTY and even CW
I am able to run all the digi-modes using the above software and settings. Also, the "order" in which you launch the software effects which one gets the USB assignment in Windows. This might be your issue.
Lastly, you may need to go into the Device Manager (Start Menu/Computer (Win7) or search in Win10), find the assigned Com port, double-click it and verify baud, stop/start bits have been assigned correctly for the connected device.
I hope I've helped and not confused you.
73, Dennis - WU6X

Well, I finally got back to it and WSJT-X is working with VOX and RTS set HIGH. Just need to watch the ALC and making contacts just fine.
Dennis, WU6X

Okay, Mitch. I think I'm going to shelve it for a while and come back to the issue with a fresh mind, after the contest.
73, Dennis-WU6X

Well, I think we just verified that there is a bug with the TS480 driver. I did the following with these results:
1. Un-installed WSJT-X
2. Downloaded the latest version and re-installed it
3. Re-started the computer
4. Confirmed that the Meinberg NTP time server was started
5. Launched WSJT-X

Everything came up GREEN and the software was decoding as it should. So, I tried the Test PTT button, just to make sure I was keying the radio, and everything went sideways:

1. The radio changed to a different frequency and mode
2. The software posted a "Hamlib error" with "invalid parameter while setting frequency", and refused to operate after that, posting the same error.

So, I think I'll work some ARRL Int'l DX Contest CW and wait for the next release to fix the bug?

Again, tnx for the suggestions.
73, Dennis-WU6X

Cool! Thanks for the tip, Mitch. I'll do that now and report back.
73, Dennis-WU6X

I've been reading posts from people having trouble with the TS480 all the way back to 2016 ... the solution is always something stupid simple, like a broken or mis-placed strap, or bad cable, or wrong baud rate, etc. etc. My problem is always a hard fix ... never a simple box-check.
I'm back to, if the system works with MixW2, Fldigi, N3FJP, etc., all the easy stuff is set correctly. It must be an incorrect CAT command coming from the software having set it to TS480. What else could it be, as selecting the radio in other software works just fine? The only thing I haven't tried is another computer ... maybe it is a COM port assignment, refresh issue? I really do appreciate your assistance thus far, but I'm still stumped!
73, Dennis-WU6X

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