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General discussion forum / Re: Yaesu Twin with FTdx-5000's
« on: 2020-11-07, 16:26:19 »
 DSP filter width and IF shift are passing via the RRC.  But I have not heard from any others on this Forum who use FTdx-5000 radios in Yaesu Twin configuration.  Am I alone?


General discussion forum / Re: Problem with mic input
« on: 2020-11-01, 22:17:52 »
Mitch, the RTP change worked, but I didn't put the JMP1 jumper back in until today.  It still did not allow the Yamaha mic to key the radio without the bias module, or even with the bias module.  I thought I had ironed out most of the issues with this setup by last week when I was able to make over 600 QSO's in 76 DXCC entities in the CQWW SSB cotest.  However, today I still have a number of other issues with the remote connection to the FT-5000 in Quebec:
--the Remote radio does not reliably switch mode from CW to SSB with the Control radio front panel buttons.  Often does not switch from USB to LSB, or from USB CW to LSB CW;
--the Remote radio does not respond to the Control radio DSP filter IF shift;
--the Remote radio does not respond to the Control radio DSP filter Width;
--I have a recording of my signal on SSB showing the first few msecs of my transmission are cut off, not fixed with VOX delay.  The same anomaly was reported during a CW QSO.

There are probably some esoteric settings in the RRC that can resolve these.  Your advice is welcome as always.

George  W1EBI/VA2EBI

General discussion forum / Re: Problem with mic input
« on: 2020-10-23, 21:55:53 »
Yep, that 's it, Mitch.   Thank you!

George VA2EBI

General discussion forum / Yaesu Twin with FTdx-5000's
« on: 2020-10-20, 23:22:00 »
I would like to hear from any other members using these radios in the Yaesu Twin configuration.  I have been operating a pair of FT5K's for the past few months, still working out a number of things between my control QTH in Boston and the remote QTH in Quebec.  The Remoterig manual shows the configuration of the two sites with the recommendation to connect dummy loads to the antenna ports of the control radio.  But the control radio does not actually generate RF except in the Tune mode--the RF is generated at the remote site.  Is Tune the only reason for a dummy load at the control site?  I also find some FT5K functions are not passed by the RRC--the audio filter width and IF shift are not adjustable.  Is this confirmed by other users of this radio?


My remote setup with a pair of FTdx-5000's in Yaesu Twin mode is working, but for some reason I do not have IF passband shift or receive filter width transferring via the RRC.  Shouldn't I be able to see those functions as well?  I also do not have dual receive functionality.  Is that a configuration setting or do I need a firmware update?  My units are both a v2.95 already.

George W1EBI

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / FTdx-5000 dual receive
« on: 2020-08-10, 03:38:31 »
How do I get dual receive with the FT5000?  The remote radio shows Status Dual Rx=1.  The control radio shows Status Dual Rx=0.  I cannot get the control radio to give me VFO-B audio on a different frequency in my right ear, I hear only VFO-A audio in both ears.

George W1EBI

General discussion forum / N1MM keying and RRC1258
« on: 2020-08-06, 19:57:14 »
I use N1MM F-keys to send my callsign and other messages in contests.  I also use F4 to send my callsign during non-contest operation.  Because my call was often busted by leaving out the dit of the "E" I added a tilde (~) on either side of the E, which adds a half-space in N1MM, so it is W1~E~BI.  However, it appears that the tilde does not pass through the RRC as a half-space, more like 1-1/2 spaces.  Can this be corrected in a firmware update?  I want to continue using RRC and N1MM.

George W1EBI

General discussion forum / Remoterig internal keyer
« on: 2020-07-16, 05:11:15 »
I finally got my remote link set up in Yaesu Twin with a pair of FTdx-5000's.  The remote site is in Quebec.  I have two issues:
(1)  I am not happy with the internal keyer in the RRC1258.  What are the Keyer Settings to use for my own CMOS IV keyer?  I am getting dits on both dot and dash side at the moment.
(2)  How can I configure N1MM Logger in the Control radio to follow tuning, send F-key messages and log QSO's?  Or do I need to have a mirror copy of N1MM Logger in a PC at the remote site?


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