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Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / 1289 relay remote control
« on: 2021-03-22, 02:57:28 »
Greetings learned gentlemen (and all the others  :D).
I have been controlling the antenna switch successfully via the web using .. "" etc - and the corresponding antenna turns ON, selected, and green.

However, if I log onto the 1289 with "" I see that the "Automatic selection" is ALSO still on.

Is there a similar web command to turn the Automatic Selection off first - or is this insignificant?
Ta muchly

I think I understand - that would work where I have an ethernet cable providing my connection to the internet, correct?
In my case I have only WiFi available so a "external WiFi bridge that has an ethernet port" would not help, am I correct?
Thanks Mitch

I'm using RRC-1258 MkII to connect to IC-7100 at a remote location. It works fine using my mobile phone as a wifi hotspot. However, I'd obviously prefer to use the free WiFi services who provide a Password (rather than use my phone).

Problem: When attempting to connect to the free WiFi, I am forcibly directed to a Web Page where I must enter the password (the SSID is usually inserted automatically).

BUT, the RRC-1258 doesn't know how to enter the password on a web page!

My desperate approach was to insert the MAC adress of the RRC Control (not the WiFi card !?) into my laptop (using Technitium MAC Address Changer) and log my laptop onto the free WiFi. The WiFi service then has the MAC address from the RRC Control and appears to work fine with my laptop.

I thought that once my laptop was connected I could disconnect the laptop and fire up the RRC Control -It didn't work.

I noticed that TMAC was not happy inserting the exact Mac address from the RRC Control into my laptop and it needed the first octet to be changed to "02". Is this the cause of the problem?

What is wrong with my thinking? Is there a better approach (that works)?

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