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Any body help me please

I was looking at the antenna switch web page the radio was in rx and it turned off the antenna selection that was on. I could then not access the web page. Using the setup manager the server port had changed from 80 to 65556 and then I could not log in the user name was ok and the stars in the password were the correct amount. I did a reset and everything worked except it now thinks it is a RC-1216H and I can not get the automatic antenna selection because the functions are rotators and not radios.
Please help

Company   Microbit
Product   RC-1216H
Software   4.59
Hardware   2
Bootloader   1.10
Build   Dec 10 2019 13:16:00
S/N   2523
PID   4294966700
Uptime   0 Days, 0 Hours, 21 Mins, 54 Secs
MAC   00:1e:fd:00:c7:b3
IP address
Max available memory   18401
DNS status   OK, =
Dynamic DNS status   Inactive
Ping status (watchdog)   Off
Active profile   Default
Last WD Reset   12
TCP Error counter   0
Webserver   1

OK I am guessing that both the USB port and the remote port cannot reliably be used at the same time. What I imagine is happening is that there is a collision of communications and though the wsjtx software is sending the command to stop TX on the USB port it is colliding with a message going to or from the antenna switch from the remote CI-V connection........ though I maybe completely wrong.

No it is not complicated, at the remote end is the 7100 radio, 1258 radio unit, 1289 antenna switch and a windows pc. Here in my house is the 1258 control unit and the 7100 head unit. At the remote end the usb cable goes from the radio to the pc, where I have log4om, wsjt-x and jtalert running on a windows pc which I remote into with teamviewer. The remote socket on the back of the radio is connected to an Icom CI17 which is then connected to the com port 2 of the 1258 so that the 1289 antenna switch will work automatically, nothing is connected to the 1258 control end usb socket. This used to work perfectly with a rigblaster connected to the usb socket here in the house connected to mic socket of a 706 mk2g

OK Thankyou for your help so far, the baud rate for mode 2 CI-V was set at 19200, reducing this to 9600 seems to have stopped the mode changing, however when using WSJT-X with LOG4OM through omnirig (which is set at 19200 as is the silicon labs usb port as is the baud rate set in the 7100) I randomly have the TX stick on after a FT8 transmission, which unsticks itself after the next TX. I have reduced the power out to 0 and this still occurs so is not an RF problem. If I disconnect the serial cable from the CI-V interface I loose any connectivity with the USB ci-v, but if I disconnect the cable between the remote on the radio and the ci-v interface the TX never sticks on, but obviously the antenna switch stops working automatically. Unlike newer Icom radios there is no unlink setting in the 7100. Do you think I have a setting wrong in the 1258 boxes, should the baud rates be the same for both CI-V circuits.

Thanks for the reply, yes your above settings are being used, but surely you mean com 2 should be set to mode 2 ICOM CI-V, which my radio RRC is set to, and not mode 1.
I have also noticed that I am unable to record voice TX messages which is done with the mic unkeyed, and also cannot monitor my audio from the mic, but can monitor audio when it is sent via the USB port. I is a recent model 7100 and I am using a bought PCB in the control RRC.

I have a strange problem that I cannot solve. I have an Icom 7100 connected across the local LAN with 2 1258 boxes and a 1289 antenna switch. The antenna switch works perfectly, and is connected with a genuine ICOM ci17 ci-v. The problem is that at irregular intervals whilst the radio is in receive then the mode will change from usb to lsb or to AM or usb-d. This is totally random the radio is not in tx there is no other software ie wsjtx controlling the radio the antenna is not being switched, no other radio is being operated. With the cable from the radio to the Icom ci-v interface disconnected then the mode never changes, but then the antenna switch will not work automatically.

General discussion forum / Icom CI-V
« on: 2022-06-24, 16:11:47 »
Does any one know if it is possible to split the Icom CI-V from out of the radio. I have remoterig 1258 connected to my 706mk11g and it all works great, however I also use digital modes on a pc at the remote site and need to connect the CI-V to the PC so that I can control the software via CI-V. Is it possible to split the cable from the 706 to the PC and remote rig?

Hi Mike, yes of course, I wasn't thinking straight. My setup is a little different the main PC is at the radio site and digital modes and logging are done through Teamviewer. I have to minimise wires at the remote site, otherwise I would have my 706 head unit and cable with serial/usb for the ci-v, audio in and out and possibly a ptt. As I have it now 1 cable to the head unit which is clipped onto a laptop screen neat and tidy and works well, but wish the antenna selection could be automatic as then I would not need the laptop for voice qsos.

Hi is it possible to split the ci-v signal from the Icom 706? I am using the rrc antenna switch which automatically switches the antennas when the ci-v is connected to the rrc 1258 radio, but I need the ci-v connected to the computer for my log book. FT8 etc
How do I share the ci-v data please?

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