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It was the TTL cable at the radio end.

Thank you Mike.

An update...

Ive just noticed that even though the Control RRC reports Radio ON, the Radio RRC shows Radio OFF.

It seems I can't switch the radio on from the RRC, but can with PC-Client plus ARCP-480

The units are in program mode 5 (TS480).

Marcelo, PY1KN


My remote setup is a TS-480, connecetc via two RRCs. The station also includes control of rotator, steppir and wattmeter via serial device servers.

After many months of reliable operation I can not connect the RRCs. When I press the power button on the TS480 panel there is no error tones, but the panel remaisn darkm there is no audio but I hear some clicks.

The strange thing is that when I open the web interface, the control RRC reports connected status. (see attached file)

I made a test, and I can connect via PC-Client normally, so I am sure everything is fine at the radio side.

I checked the 6-way TTL cable between the front panel and the RRC, and it is good.

Anyone has any clues? Should I suspect either my front panel or the control RRC is bad? Any tests I could do?


Marcelo, PY1KN

General discussion / Re: CW extra character
« on: 2012-07-24, 15:13:22 »
Hi Enrico

Sorry for taking so long, I was travelling.

I solved my problem updating the RRC firmware to the latest revision. That shoud work.

73 GL
Marcelo, PY1KN

General discussion / Re: CW extra character
« on: 2012-06-01, 15:54:51 »
Thanks to Mike.

It seems the problem was my RRC firmware that was too old.

I'll check later today, but I am sure this is the problem.

Thanks for a great product and support.

Marcelo, PY1KN

General discussion / Re: CW extra character
« on: 2012-06-01, 12:46:59 »
Hi Roland

Thank you for the reply. I am not sure how to set up SecureCRT. I run it on my control PC (where RRC-micro lies) and connect to my remote RRC?

If you want to check, I can send you my remote connection data in pvt.


General discussion / CW extra character
« on: 2012-06-01, 04:53:29 »

I am finally using my Micro PC client. I have version 1.5.4, under windows 7 with Kenwood ARCP-410 (new version 1.10).

I programmed the CW macros to work pile-ups (F1=PY1KN; F2= PY1KN PY1KN; F3=5NN TU). I have worked a few stations this way.

I have noticed that quite a few copied my call with an extra N in the end, as PY1KNN. At first I thought it was due to QRM or something else, but it hapenned more than once and again today with A5A. KL2A is too good an operator to make such mistake (I corrected my call a few times).

Since I have no sidetone in RRC-Micro PC Client, I am intrigued, as the software might be including  an extra N at the end of my call.

Has anyone observed a similar problem?

Marcelo, PY1KN not PY1KNN

General discussion / PSK and AFSK
« on: 2012-04-18, 15:51:20 »

I did some brief tests of the new version, and it is great! Thanks for the update.

I haven't tried it yet, but is it possible for an AFSK or PSK software to access the audio device in the dongle?

This would open the world of digital modes with the PC-client.

Marcelo, PY1KN


Thank you, I had the same question.
I will soon trade my mono version for a /s when Imove from the TS480 to the K3

Marcelo, PY1KN

General discussion / FSK
« on: 2012-02-08, 01:25:22 »
Is it possible to key FSK with the RRC-Micro? There is no COMFSK installed.

Marcelo, PY1KN

Another option:

Do a search on IP-9258. They are easy to find on ebay, and there are US and European outlet models.

It is web based. That's the one I use

Marcelo, PY1KN

General discussion forum / Re: FSK
« on: 2012-01-27, 03:52:46 »
No, in my case it can't be the cable. Checking the manual I saw that this only occurs with Out1 and my FSK is wired to Out0. Is that correct Mike?

Back to RFI checking.

Marcelo PY1KN

General discussion forum / Re: FSK
« on: 2012-01-26, 13:38:12 »
'Mitch and Mike,

On my TS 480 Fsk sometimes wors well,, sometimes transmits a continuous tone. I was figuring it was a RFI issue, but now I'll check my keyer cable.

I am not sure, but I may have used a common stereo cable.

Marcelo, PY1KN

General discussion / Re: TS-480
« on: 2011-12-02, 02:53:26 »

I reinstalled all software and reconfigured, all is OK now. I mus have had something wrong in the port settings. Now HRD works great, though I`d rather use TRX-Manager.

Thank you

Marcelo, PY1KN

General discussion / Re: TS-480
« on: 2011-12-01, 22:22:02 »
Hi Mike

Thank you for the answer. Ive just checked my photos, jumper 3 is in place on both RRCs. So I guess the problem is not the connection between Radio RRC and the TS480.
Ill investigate elsewere, maybe Micro-PC Client configuration or the virtual ports.

Marcelo, PY1KN

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