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Hi Mike,
thanks for the usual prompt answer !!! Of course you are totally right: the device is protected for accidental reverse polarity.
I have cheched the wall power supply used instead of the ordinary supply and I discovered that it was broken :-(
Luckely my RRC 1258 works fine.
Thanks and best regards.
Enrico I4GAD

Hello All,
I have a very simple question: does the RRC 1258 MKII have a protection to prevent damages in case of reverse polarity power ?
If positive, may be a diode or another component act as a fuse and must be replaced after the burnout?
Thanks in advance to any helper.
73 Enrico I4GAD

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Question on Serial Settings
« on: 2014-06-28, 08:45:39 »
Hi John,

I'm not sure this will help in your case, but audio interruptions are quite often caused by some wide band device (i.e. WEB Cams) on the LAN. At the beginning of my remoting experience, I suffered for such problem until I realize that my two Mobotix Web Cams use to upload a big screen shoot every minute into ftp site used for remote access to the images.
During the upload phase of the images (some ten of MB each), all the band was taken by that process and the audio of my remote rig was almost unacceptable for the heavy interrupions.
After reducing the frequency and the priority of the WEB Cams upload, the audio is now perfect even if my ADSL has limited performances (4/5 Mb download - 0.38 Mb upload) and I'm using a dual RX with an Elecraft twin setup.
Good luck and have fun with your remote rig !
Enrico I4GAD

Configuration, RRC 1258 / COM1 & COM2 use with IC-7100
« on: 2014-06-26, 08:25:39 »
Hello All,
I need some help in configuring my RRC boxes after replacing my TS-480  with a new IC-7100.
The configuration for running the IC-7100 in remote is quite simple and works fine:
the problem starts when I need to connect other devices (on both radio and control side) to the CAT signal of IC-7100. 
Using an CI-V to RS-232 converter, I'm injecting the CAT signal coming from the REMOTE jack of IC-7100 into COM2 of RRC (Radio) and I got the CAT signal correctly on the COM-2 of RRC (Control).
Now I need also to drive with the CAT (on the radio side)  the RS-232 antenna switch, so I've tried to get the CAT on the RRC COM-1 setting it in mode 7 (CAT to COM2  local&remote).
My expectation were to get an RS-232 CAT signal on COM1 on both RRCs radio and control but is not working. I'm sure that the previous set up based on TS-480 was working that way and the linear amplifier (SPE 1K-FA) was connected to the RRC radio to get the CAT from the tranceiver through  COM1.
What am I doing wrong ?
Thanks for suggestions.
Enrico I4GAD

General discussion / Re: RRC micro and IC7100
« on: 2014-06-05, 15:21:07 »
I'll try.... CT-17 says up to 4 tranceivers but is not the same think... I'll check if the TTL level will remail acceptable with 3 client hocked to the bus..
Best regards.

General discussion / Re: RRC micro and IC7100
« on: 2014-06-05, 15:01:28 »
Many thanks indeed Mike and well understood !
I'm already  using the CI-V signal coming from the IC-7100 to control my power amplifier so I should connect the CT-17 in parallel. Is there any problem ?
I should also parallel to the CT-17 and the power amplifier (2K-FA) the CI-V input of the 1216H (Antenna Web Switch) and the question is: will the TRX CI-V have enough current ? Do I need a current buffer ?
Thanks in advance.
Enrico I4GAD

General discussion / Re: RRC micro and IC7100
« on: 2014-06-05, 12:14:01 »
Hi Mirek,
I've just replaced my old TS-480 with the IC-7100 but I'm still struggling to run it in remote mode with RRC Client and TRX-Manager. (The remote operation with two RRC Boxes and the control head is perfect)
How did you set the COM2 on the RRC 1258 in order to access the CI-V in remote mode ?
How can you turn ON the transceiver if the TRX-Manager Start ON function is not available when the IC-7100 is selected ?
Thanks for help and 73.
Enrico I4GAD

Hi all,
I'm probably too late to be helpfull but I want to share my excellent experience with ACOM 2000A in remote mode.
At the beginning, I got from  ACOM's technical support the schematic of the small adapter to enable the remote POWER ON at the RS-232 port. It has been working perfectly and I have used  for almost three years my ACOM 2000A via a terminal server (W&T), in remote mode from a PC  running the very nice TRX Manager ACOM utility without a failure! Further on, I've purchased the original ACOM adapter, just  better looking than mine and I've been very satisfied till the replacement of the ACOM 2000A with a new a solid state amplifier (SPE 2K-FA).
Best regards and 73'
Enrico I4GAD 

General discussion / Re: Pumping audio
« on: 2014-01-01, 08:56:56 »
Hej Kari,
if I remember well is only matter to increase the packet buffer size. I'm sorry but I have not here my RRC Client so I cannot tell you the exact name of the parameter: as default is 20 but you must set it to 40 and the pumping effect will disappear.
Happy new year and good remote DX !
Enrico I4GAD

Thanks Jan ! Problem solved. V. 1.22 works fine.

Hi all,
I'm just trying to install Setup Manager on a new lap top running Windows 8 , but the installation program get stucked at the time of virtual port creation. To terminate the program, I'm obljged to kill it.
After that, Setup Manager can communicate regularly with the RRC-1258 box, but obviously, only  four unknown 1258 Remote Rig devices can be seen on the divices list.
I've followed the instructions found on the topic started by Mike/ K3MMB (disabled driver signature verification) but no results.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for help.

Hello friends,

I'm using since long time two remote rigs at my home (a K3 Twin and a TS-480) when I'm abroad.
When I'm travelling ligth, I carry with me an RRC Micro that is an ideal solution to control the TS-480  using a PC running TRX-Manager instead of the TS-480 panel.
Surprisingly, few days ago I discovered that the RRC Micro works fine also with the K3 setup, with the only limitation of a single audio channel that prevent to benefit of the SUB receiver.
I wish now  use the RRC  1258 Control instead of the RRC Micro, to have a stereo audio and  the CW keyer, connected to the PC running TRX-Manager, but it should work with no changes into my 1258 Radio set for the  K3 Twin, in order to give me a full flexibility: K3-0 when possble or just a software control if not.
What is the right "Program Mode" on the RRC 1258 Control when the K3-0 is not available ?
4 (Yaesu,Kenwood, Elecraft) or 14 (Elecraft K3 Twin) ?? Any other parameter need to be set ?
Thanks for any suggestion.

Enrico I4GAD

General discussion / Re: CW extra character
« on: 2012-06-12, 14:54:33 »
Hello Marcelo,
since a long time, (client rel. 1.2.1) I'm facing the problem of duplicate CW characters (random and not only the last one) using the stored messages or the keyboard.
This prevent me from using the RRC Client in CW. I have reported the problem to Roland and we did together several tests, but till now he was not able to replicate the problem and no solution found.
At the moment I'm using the CW section of TRX-MANAGER that is now working quite well with my TS-480.
The keyer of the old version 1.2.1 of the client did'nt have the problem, but all the following releases does. 
I'm very interested to see if you can find the reason of the promblem. I'm also using W7.
Best regards and 73
I4GAD Enrico

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: K3/0 Configuration
« on: 2012-05-04, 21:21:57 »
Hello Casey,
after a deep check on all manual and a little help from my friends (Brandon KG6YPI - K3 Remote support in Elecraft), the job is done and my rig based on a K3/100, P3 Panadapter, MicroKEYER MKII, SPE EXPERT 1KFA Amplifier and SteppIR antenna can be used in any mode (SSB,CW and RTTY) locally or remotelly without any config or wiring change.
I builded a Y cable for the ACC and KEY and the respective  MicroKeyer and RRC connectors are hocked to the K3 through the Y cables.
The K3 RS232 is connected to P3 XVTR RS232,  RRC unit COM2 is connected to P3's PC RS232, and the microKEYER RS232 goes to COM1 on RRC unit.
The microphone out of RRC goes to the mike input of MicroKEYER through a microphone switch that allow to select local or remote mic source;  the PTT out  of RRC goes to the FootSwitch input of MicroKEYER.
When I operate locally I plug the headphones into the K3 who's speaker out in connected to the RRC speaker in. On the K3's config menu, SPKR+PH is set to YES.
It  is more difficult to explain than make it, but belive it or not works !!
If you send me your e-mail address I can send a small schematics when ready.
Good luck and good remote DX !
I4GAD Enrico

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: K3/0 Configuration
« on: 2012-05-01, 17:36:24 »
Hello Casey,
I'm just coming from the same exciting esperience with my brand new K3/0,
in control of my K3/100 fully equipped. Everything works fine as is with my old
remote set up based on a dedicated Kenwood TS-480, a SPE 1K-FA Amplifier
(shared with the K3 thanks to the two switchable inputs), SteppIR 4El and
others antennas switched by the WebSwitch 1216H.

But now comes the difficult task: as you said, I dont want to dedicate the
K3/100 to the remote use only as I did with the TS-480, but when I'm at home,  I intend to continue to use the K3 as second rig, possibly without disconnecting a single wire!
My home set up is based upon a MicroHam MicroKeyer MKII that must be
connected to the K3, sharing many connectors with the RRC Radio Box.
I like very much the microKeyer because it is the ideal interface between my
PC and each radio on the shack (I'm using another MicroKeyer also with my main rig, the IC-7800). It is very flexible in Phone, CW and RTTY operations, and is also in charge of  controlling the PTT of the linear amplifier (Expert 1K-FA) as well as  the SteppIR and the antenna switch thanks to the auxiliary CAT output.
I want to use also the Panadapter P3 who has a pass through Rs232 connection.
My question to the forum is: does anyone uses the same setup ? What the best way to connect the RS232 lines of the MicroKEYER and RRC Box to the radio ?
I've tried to hook the RRC Controller to the RS232 of the K3, and the MicroKEYER and the P3 to COM1 of RRC setting COM1 to Mode-7, Cat to COM2 (local&remote) at the needed baud rate (38400 baud), but unfortunatelly the data flow is not smooth and continuous and both the MicroKEYER and the P3 has a strange behaviour.
Can be safe to parallel ACC, Microphone, KEY and PTTIN lines of RRC box and MicroKeyer ? 

I have posted my message because I guess some other may have interest in the matter.

73 to all

I4GAD Enrico   

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