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General discussion forum / Re: DDNS reachable?
« on: 2023-03-25, 17:09:19 »
Hi, Yes that is a way I used to do it as well but it turned out that I had not renewed my subscription :)

General discussion forum / DDNS reachable?
« on: 2023-03-25, 13:02:11 »
Is the remoterigs DDNS server unreachable at the moment?

Hi, I have configured TS-2000 with remote panel according to  manual. But usually afrter 1 minute or less it disconnects, SIP error/stalled (25).
Almost always the audion does not get thrugh with a connected link unless you turn the volume knob on the TS-2000 radio (on radio side not the panel).
Any ideas? Does the CAT speeed matter at all? 

Anyone have tested the new FTDX-10 in a twin configuration?

I am using N1MM over the COMExtra Port (COM 3) to key my remote tranceiver. N1MM keys the remote transciever well ( I can see on power output meter), including from the CW key keyer function with local sidetone,  BUT I get no local sidetone tone when keying with N1MM functions keys from speaker output on my 1258 controll unit. What am I missing? When I key using the CW paddle on 1250 controll unit I get a CW sidetone.  :'( 

Hej, jag har kört med Telia 4G på remote sidan över två år och det fungerar förträffligt. Har dubbla 4G routrar (Craddlepoint ibr 600) en för remoting och en för 3-4 IP kameror. Tillförlitlighten har varit nästintill 100 % med samma publika ip adress så länge jag inte kopplat ner routrarna ( 4-5 månader). Routrar som man kan komma in på utifrån är ett måste anser jag så slipper man åka fram och tillbaka. Tyvärr är se flesta konsusmentroutrarna inte av den typen utan spärrar detta.
Telia har oftast egna master medans telenor och tele2 delar master vilket kan spela roll ifall det finna många "sommargäster" på remote qth. Abonnemangen är privata av kostnadsskäl.
Lite av min erfarenhet.
73 Kari SM0HRP

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Can the mic input K3 mini be used?
« on: 2016-01-23, 14:37:12 »
I forgot the Heil adapter to connect to RRC control mic input. But since there is a mic inout to left of K3 mini panel (adjacent to speaker input) cannot this input be used?  I tried but can not get any mic gain readings with using VOX.Perhaps it is not configured yet.
I read somewhere on this forum that the mic input seemed with bias as well. Could it really be so?
73 Kari

I used to run IC-7600 for quite some time. TRX-manager is by far the best software to use even though RS-BA1 plays quite well too with the remote VFO knob (RC-28). As is reported in another recent thread RS-BA1 seems to disconnect every now and then especially if the bandwidth is low.
With this set up you only have one extra COM port available (port 1) on the RRC that you may use for antenna rotor controll or the amp. Lantronix USD series of rs-232 to ethernet re-directors workd extremely well if you prefer to use them for the tasks as well.
73s Kari

General discussion forum / Re: 1216H dns server down?
« on: 2015-03-01, 12:20:40 »
Excuse me this was my fault. The uptime of the DNS server of Microbit is close to 100 %. Thumbs up for them!
I had put the switch behind HW that was on my internet operated line outlet switch. I usuallay turns all things of to save energy. And forgot that the switch must always be on.
73s Kari

General discussion forum / 1216H dns server down?
« on: 2015-02-19, 12:21:46 »
Any news when the dns server for the 1216H will be up running?
Best regards,

Hi folks,
How did it go with TTL and local COM2? Curios since I plan to do the same. 73

Hi folks,
I have been testing N1mm+ using USB COM1 and CW DTR-keying. New PC Win 7 (Optiplex) and RRC build V. 2.84. But I find the operation erratic. It works for a while but then looses coonection with the Virt COM Port (using COM1) quite regularly.  I have "cleaned" the PC from unused COM Ports with the Microbit device manager.
I have seen some using USB serial adapter between PC and RRC COM1. Does this work better? Can one get CW DTR keying in this case when RRC COM1 physical port seems to lack DTR pin?
I have also tried with physical PC serial COM Port conntected to RRC COM1 but get even here an erratic behaviour. 
73 Kari SM0HRP
P.S. It is in the details the devil is......D.S.

Is there anyone out there who is using a Yaesu Quadra VL-1000 solid state PA in the remote set-up? It has no remote software and requires more of "homebrew web cam" type of surveillance as I see to be on the safe side. Or? If you could share some experiences would be great?

Strålande service som vanligt  ;D

Konfiguration av Webswitchen / DNS uppdatering fungerar ej
« on: 2014-01-28, 23:36:14 »
Hej, upptäckte att webswitchen inte uppdaterar DNS efter nytt publikt IP. Har inte hänt förut? Vad kan det beror på? Serverfel?

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