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General discussion forum / Re: RRC behind 3G / UMTS
« on: 2010-02-07, 19:40:39 »
Also for me, DSL at home (display) and UMTS on remote side (radio)

Some photos:

General discussion forum / Re: New version for remoterig?
« on: 2009-12-09, 16:03:37 »
Oh what's happen! On month later that I bought my remoterig and now a new version available?
We are curious, what are the new features?

General discussion forum / RRC behind 3G / UMTS
« on: 2009-11-16, 15:22:13 »
Anyone use this remoterig behind 3g / umts mobile network? What's your best config for audio codec / jitter etc.?

General discussion forum / Re: Rear I/O and remote button
« on: 2009-11-16, 15:17:12 »
Thanks! Connected to the rear panel 'radio interface' connector (stereo jack 3.5") on my MFJ-993B automatic tuner  ;)

General discussion forum / Rear I/O and remote button
« on: 2009-11-15, 19:40:43 »
Hello Mike, I think is really possibile to use the rear I/O port to 'short' a remote button. Maybe with the same OPTO coupler for PC CW Keying? The idea is to 'remote push' the TUNE button on my MFJ automatic tuner.
To be checked, not sure, but I think when I push TUNE, the button is grounded.

General discussion forum / Re: Baud Rate
« on: 2009-11-15, 11:20:03 »
Ok thanks, now the second RS232 works also with my TS480, so for other users my solution is:

RRC (Display side)
PC with hamradio deluxe @38400 bps (@57600 it doesn't connect) and 'commercial' rs232 1-1 male/female

Settings on both sides
Redirect Uart 0  -> 1
Uart 0 baudrate  -> 38400
Uart 0 data bits -> 8 
Uart 0 stop bits -> 1
Uart 0 parity -> 0

RRC (remote side / TS-480)

RS232 male / female
2 -> 3
3 -> 2
5 -> 5
7 -> 8
8 -> 7

How to synch 2 radio with hamradio deluxe
Open HRD and connect to your first radio (in my case local radio)
Open another HRD window and connect your second radio (in my case remote TS-480)
Press Synch button on the toolbar
Click scan and start. That's all

Now you have 2 radio in a diversity reception; turn the vfo or band on your master radio and the second radio turn also...

Best 73's de HB9ODP Mattia

General discussion forum / Re: Baud Rate
« on: 2009-11-15, 10:35:33 »
Hey Mike! On your page ( you write:

RS232 Interface (9-pol D-sub female)
2 TXD (Out)
3 RXD (in)
So in my cable I used only RXD/TXD and GND. Now tested with an icom CAT and hamradio deluxe and it works. Please add some info on your website.
Now I check with pin 7+8...

General discussion forum / Re: Baud Rate
« on: 2009-11-15, 08:29:46 »
My idea is to use hamradio deluxe to control the radio (and then sync the frequency with my local radio) but is not possible to connect the radio, even @9600 bps.
Now I have simplified my test with a simple kantronics TNC: both RRC are configured 19200,8,1,0 (uart0 = 1 - enabled), traditional modem cable (25pin to 9 pin female) + male/male 1-1 gender (RXD TXD GND).

On 'local' RRC (display) there is a female/male rs232 (1-1) cable to the com1 of my PC.
I open an hyper terminal session on com1 / 19200 bps and... nothing.

If I start one RRC in a debug mode (telnet window), all TTL display traffic is 'slowed' but on my hyper terminal window I receive the kantronics welcome message. I restart all in normal mode and newly nothing on my screen.
Now I have tested also hamradio deluxe with a RRC in a debug mode but always not connected.

What's wrong?

General discussion forum / Re: Baud Rate
« on: 2009-11-14, 21:54:21 »
How can I know if the 2nd RS232 'bridge' is UP?

General discussion forum / SSH Support?
« on: 2009-11-02, 16:35:27 »
Hello Mike, this unit it's linux embedded? There is a SSH support to open a Tunnel?
It might be an interesting solution to open only one safe port in the firewall / NAT for configuring the unit, use your webswitch or other network devices

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