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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / kx3
« on: 2015-12-06, 19:21:30 »
I would like to remote my kx3 . . . . only.  In searching the forum, it seems the only interest is in using a kx3 to control a k3.  It seems to me that the kx3 is a nice rig in its own right, not simply a sidekick to the k3.  The manual seems to address only the k3.  The kx has different mic cabling using plugs instead of a cat5.  Is the mic cable the only difference?  Anyone with experience remoting a kx3 for no other purpose then to use it?  Tom W2CRN  (my old call is w6eij)   

General discussion forum / kx3 remoting kx3
« on: 2013-06-20, 19:04:16 »
It looks like the 100 watt amp for the KX3 may be shipping in August, making the KX3 more desirable to remote.  Can a KX3 be used with Remoterig v.6 to run another KX3?  The manual only has information about the K3.

I still however, have the continuing problem of having the wifi board loosen every so slightly, so the unit is inoperable, even with a cat cable.  I took my remoterig out of town last weekend, and just the jossling of the luggage on the plane was enough to loosen the board.  I have thought about gluing a sponge to the board, so it would press between the board and the inside of the top cover.  Tom 

"Also use the default profile to work with.
Do not change profile or wifi settings are lost, I believe."

I've learned to change the wifi settings to the default.  When I go to wifi settings and log-on, the remoterig unit resets, and goes to default.  So, I have the default with the lowest settings for audio, etc., so I can use it with wifi.  Tom

So if the wifi itself does not require a password, the Remoterig should have connected without any problem, right? 

But the wifi I encountered required a username with the password - but I'm guessing that if a password is not required, there would also be no requirement for a user name to jump on the network, correct?

I reguarly use my wifi at the office and home with no problems.  I enter the password and off I go.  To date, I have not been able to connect with any hotel. 

Thanks for your response.  What does this difference mean?  I use this exact setup with my office WiFi regularly.  Here, it does not work, although there is a very strong wifi signal.  I can see the radio unit over the internet, and it is working.  On the remote hotel side - I have an IP address and everything seems fine, but when I try to look at the remote unit with a browser, I get an error message.

I tried another profile on both remoterig units (in case something happened), but everytime I select the wifi, the profile seems go back to default.   

Is there any way to enter not just the password but also the username?  It seems hotels need both entries before one can log-in.

Hi - I have a version 6, serial number 5148.  The unit was at room temp. 

I have the wifi board installed, on an RRC-1258 MkII, V6, and at times I'm unable to connect to the network via cable.  Once again this has happened, motivating this post.  This morning I was unable to turn on the TS-480.  Could not see the remoterig unit in the list of attached devices for my router.  Tried to connect via wifi, same problem.  Of course Microbit software, Net Info tab was blank.  I reset router.  Still nothing.  Finally, I opened the remoterig box, removed and replaced the wifi board.  Everything works, i.e., apparently a loose wifi board affects not only the wifi, but also disables network cable access as well.  This last happened when I was on vacation, and I did not have a wrench to open the remoterig case (when I got home discovered this).  Fortunately, I was able to use the KX3 and Buddipole so it was not a loss.

What happened this morning is suprising, because the remoterig unit always sits on my desk, as opposed to being jostled around in a suitcase.  After the vacation, I thought about perhaps a small piece of sponge or something to keep pressure on the wifi board, but I don't think that would help.  That is because, when I say "loose," that is an assumption - I pressed the board, and it did not seem loose at all.  When I removed and replaced the board, theunit started working, so I assumed it was loose.  If it is loose, it is to such a small degree, maybe thousands of an inch, that in order to help, the board could not move at all.  For now, the remedy is to leave the com port screws loose enough to unscrew by hand.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this happen, and if so, any remedy?  Tom

The header now is installed, and the wifi works.  I used a dremel tool and and 1/64 ball-end router and drilled out the hole.  It worked and seems to work fine.

I tried to install the header for the wifi board, but I am unclear about the term "apply much heat to pins 3 & 4 until the pinheader comes in position."  What does that mean? 

Do I heat pins 3 and 4 until I can push pins 3 & 4 through the solder into their respective holes?  If so, I tried that, and could not.  It seems like the black plastic webbing that holds the pins would melt.   

BTW, I have a 14 pin model.  All the other pins easily go into and though their respective holes.  So if I leave pins 3 & 4 just touching the solder pad for their respective holes, the top of the pins (where the wifi board plugs in) will not level, because all the other pins go through the holes, making them lower than pins 3 & 4 by the thickness of the circuit board. 


One more thing - the tx monitor does not work - I went into the menu and turned it on, setting it to different volumn settings, but it does not work.  Tom

Thank you for your responses, and Mitch thanks for your suggestions.  (Off-line, Mitch provided me with extension assistance - got everything working just fine.)  And Mike - the ONLY change was the jitter buffer size and delay.  Also, I've noticed that at times if I turn off the radio, I cannot turn it back on - I've gone into the Radio RCC and on the status page, hit "disconnect," and then it worked fine.  Tom

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / TS-480 will not turn-on
« on: 2012-11-22, 22:16:06 »
My TS-480 has been working great with a good internet connection.  In an environment where the internet connection was very slow, I experienced very poor audio.  I changed the RX Jitter Buffer size to 16, and the delay to 15, to see if that would smooth out the audio.  Instead, the radio will not turn-on.  Going back to the default it would turn on, albeit with very poor audio.  By poor, I mean the audio surges to the point the audio is unintelligible.  I tried the high jitter and delay settings later with a fast connection, and still I could not turn on the radio.

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