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I thought you could select any audio source once you had the dongle plugged in.  Once I plug the dongle in, windows (7/64) mutes the internal mic in my notebook, and even if I unmute it, once I push the PTT (which does key the TX), the internal mic is muted again. Do you HAVE to use a mic plugged into the dongle?

Charlie KB8CR

General discussion / RRC-Micro PTT control for HRD?
« on: 2013-05-22, 02:06:05 »
Can the PTT button on the RRC-Micro dongle control PTT for Ham Radio Deluxe. When I push the button, it mutes the receive audio, but does not key the radio. Is there a setting in HRD for it?


Charlie KB8BWE

I have the RRC boxes working very well with the IC-706 and remote control head.
Is it possible to have a Micro PC client connect to the radio ? I looked at the HRD commands, and don't see a command to control AF gain, so I don't know how I could control it.


Charlie KB8BWE

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