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The above shows my one week usage. It is for the period of Monday to Sunday, November 5 to November 11. During the work week I spent an hour or two on the radio each evening, and during the weekend I spent several hours on the radio during both Saturday and Sunday. It resulted in me using up 1.4 GB of download and 1.4 GB of upload, 2.8 GB of data in total.

I'm posting it here just in case people who don't yet have their QTH set up for remote access wonder how much data they will need. This is a non issue for people with unlimited data plans, but it may be of interest to those without unlimited plans.

Marvin VE3VEE

Mitch, no 2nd RX. I only have my TS-480.

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion forum / Internet Data Usage of RemoteRig
« on: 2018-11-02, 10:29:01 »
For anyone interested, here I'd like to share the real life Internet data usage of my (VE3VEE) remote station. The usage may vary based on your settings. The Audio Quality settings I use are the #2 - Linear 16 bits 8 kHz in both, my Radio-RRC and also my Control-RRC.

This past weekend, I participated in the CQ WW DX Contest (PHONE). My TCVR was turned on the entire 48 period. The screen shot above shows my one day data usage. In 24 hours my station used 1.5 GB of upload + 1.5 GB of download = 3 GB of data in total. The entire 48 hour contest used up 6 GB of data. This is however an extreme situation when my TCVR was on constantly 48 hours non-stop. My regular usage is much less. I may share, in the future, my actual data usage for a one week period and for a one month period.

Marvin VE3VEE   


Just buy a remote power switch so you can remotely turn on/off the power to your Radio-RRC (instead of waiting for several hours for your timer to do it).

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion / Re: Background noise on mike audio.
« on: 2017-09-03, 02:42:22 »

I realize this is a very old thread, but I'm very curious, have you ever resolved this issue, and if yes, how?

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion / Re: Any way to try before I buy?
« on: 2017-08-29, 12:35:51 »
Still the same, Mike. Not sure about another call sign, I only have one call, VE3VEE. Would re-installing help, or could testing on a different PC make any difference?

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion / Re: Any way to try before I buy?
« on: 2017-08-29, 11:43:10 »
Mike, thanks, but I'm still getting the same message the 30-day trial has expired.

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion / Re: Any way to try before I buy?
« on: 2017-08-28, 22:40:16 »
Just installed it, but unable to use it because "trial expired". I tested it about 3 years ago, if I recall correctly, but couldn't get it going at that time. I thought I would give it another try...

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion / Re: Any way to try before I buy?
« on: 2017-08-28, 22:04:57 »

Thanks for the reply. It's at , in the middle of the page, the last sentence right above the picture of the connection diagram.

I'm going to download it to test it if it's going to work in my a bit atypical configuration.

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion / Any way to try before I buy?
« on: 2017-08-27, 15:36:36 »
The description reads: "You can download and install the software, before you order. Everything works but itís not possible to connect to the remote RRC until you have the RRC-Micro USB Dongle/ PTT box.".

If it's not possible to connect, how can I really test it?

Marvin VE3VEE


My remote system is working very well. However, since yesterday morning, I have been unable to connect any logging software (N1MM+ and DXLab). What I noticed was that after I connect to the remote, I plug the USB cable to the RRC control unit and it does not create the Microbit Virtual COM ports.

Hi Serge,

Sorry I'm a bit too late responding to this, but I just wanted to mention that even if the issue ends up being the mini-USB port on your Control-RRC, you could still use the RS-232 ports for the same purpose. You would just end up with two cables between your laptop and Control-RRC instead of one. Alternatively, you could buy an RS-232 server and have no wires between it and the laptop.

You have, in the mean time, very likely ordered a new Control-RRC, and that's a good thing, but don't throw away the old one. You can still use the old one , even with the damaged USB port, for setting up a fully functional station. After my Control-RRC's USB port got damaged, I ordered a new one, too. The new one is at my home location, and I use the damaged one in my car.

Marvin VE3VEE


The 4G router will not conduct another site survey until signal metrics drop below an amount determined in a setup menu.  If 2/5 bars are "good enough," there it stays even if a stronger 4G cell site comes back on line. 

Paul, would the router connect to the stronger signal after rebooting?

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion forum / Re: TS-480 Control Head Wanted
« on: 2017-03-10, 22:00:34 »
Hi Simon,

Thanks! It's a decent price, too.

I have already ordered and received it from It was the only place that had it in stock at that time. I bought the last one they had.

Marvin VE3VEE

General discussion forum / TS-480 Control Head Wanted
« on: 2017-02-27, 22:59:09 »
TS-480 Control Head Wanted. Anyone has one for sale?

Marvin VE3VEE

Hi Pat,

I use TS-480. I don't think I've experienced the loud speaker pop as the TCVR shuts down. However, I'm very familiar with the not fully populating of the LCD screen. In my case, I think it happens more often than in your setup. But I can live with it.

GL with solving the sound issue. (Turn off the external speakers first, then turn off the TCVR [temp solution]).

Marvin VE3VEE

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