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General discussion forum / Troubleshooting
« on: 2023-04-29, 15:12:49 »
What does it mean when the “status” page shows the Control module as “off”?  The power is on, the LAN is connected, the green “power” light is on.
Background: something has failed.  Trying to connect using the same LAN.  The radio is IC2820.  It works.  Connecting the head to the radio, the radio comes on each time.  Won’t connect over the LAN.  Have gone over the settings in great detail many times, and everything seems to be correct.
Any hints would be appreciated.
Another question: is there any way a voltage spike or something similar could have affected this unit?  I don't think it's a matter of programming.  If it were, I'd have it fixed by now.  I have been over and over all the possible combinations of programming, and nothing works.

Looking at another topic in this forum, I tested to see if I have 8v on pin 2 of the TTL.  I don't.  Does that mean that the unit needs repair?

General discussion forum / Rig turns off with PTT
« on: 2020-06-08, 18:58:30 »
Remoterig (with IC706) has been working fine for some years now. All of a sudden, pushing the PTT causes the radio to power off.  I can reconnect immediately, but cannot transmit.  Nothing has changed, to my knowledge.  With some testing, the problem occurs on different LANs.  However, rig will operate if both units are connected to same LAN.

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / DC power issue
« on: 2020-03-12, 18:25:26 »
RRC-1258 control side has been working perfectly for years.  Now the green "PWR" light is not on, but the red and yellow lights are.  Power supply checks good for voltage.  What happened?  What do I look for?

General discussion forum / Power-on problems
« on: 2018-09-26, 19:35:11 »
Running an IC-706 with remoterig.  Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn’t.  No pattern to why it does or does not connect.  If it works, everything works correctly, and stays on as long as I want.  If not, no telling when it will decide to connect next.
Status when there is a problem, always indicates UDP cmd problem, sometimes with RTP/audio problem, at other times the RTP has connected and the UDP cmd has not.  Sometimes the yellow light comes on, but no display or audio.  At other times, both the red and the yellow light come on.
Radio end is on an LTE modem with a fixed IP address.  The port forwarding is properly set, because when it works, it works perfectly.  If that were the problem, it would never work.  Connection speed is good, in the 15Mbps range.  Control side is on house LAN (fiber optics), connection speed in the 70Mbps range.
Have checked and rechecked all the wiring.  No physical intermittents that I can find.
Pressing the power button is always a gamble.  Will it work this time?
Any ideas out there?

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