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I have a DXE  4sq for RX/TX. RX model is probably similarly controlled, by 3 DC signals.
I am confident, that you could use the available outputs in RRC followed by relays. In my case, I need one of them for
CW, and with only 2 remaining outputs, I would have missed the omni position. Instead I use one serial port for antenna control, using a Microham stack switch, that can be configured as a 8-position selector. It drives my 40M 4sq and 80M triangle with 6 directions. Microham's webSwitch could be used as well,
and the web is full of all kinds of ethernet relays...bought one from Bulgaria that controls 16 relays, and ended up learning JAVA to modify the user inferface.
It's easier to click a box with wanted direction, instead  of thinking binary code and clicking several buttons to get the wanted direction.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: System frezzing with TS-480
« on: 2013-04-02, 17:02:57 »
It's not a Microham issue, it happens simultaniously with the cat serial port (HRD in my case). Both get back active, once I press
PTT for a second. And at the same time I have been listening to the rx steam, without any issues at all.
I think my 3G provider is eager to drop the CMD port to worse latency, or stand by. It's not really a problem, more like a feature that I have learned to live with. It sounded like the issue EA1AF was having. It doesn't re-active the serial ports unless PTT is pressed first.

I'm running RRC SW 2.60, maybe the keep alives are different in the newer ones.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: System frezzing with TS-480
« on: 2013-03-26, 06:24:56 »
When long time RX only, the serial transmission to a microham stack switch gets stuck. it helps if I push ptt
for a second every 10 minutes or so. I assume my 3G  connection drops some ports to stand by if they are not used.

Joni OH2FT

General discussion / RRC micro on stereo ?
« on: 2012-11-21, 17:31:27 »
Does the dongle work in stereo mode ?
I use traditional RRC 1258s with dual RX activated, can I operate it with RRC micro ?

Joni OH2FT

Thanks Mike,

I have linears with slow relays, like IC2KL, and would like to keep additional changeovers short but PTT is preferred.
OK, with the internal keyer "ptt activated keyer" it should be OK. But does it work with external keying like wintest also, so that it pushes PTT x ms before keying starts ? I'm just hopeless using the internal keyer at 30+ WPM...
Wintest can trigger PTT x ms before keying starts.

Does the Virtual USB port assume that the traditional serial ports are not in use at the same time ? I could try converting one of the serials over virtual USB ports .

I could use I/O port for PTT, but I would need to drive to the station to install the cable. Which seems unnecessary, as I already have ptt connection to the mic connector there. Or can that connection be somehow tied to an I/O port ?

By the way, IC2KL is very suitable as a remote linear, once you arrange the band changing voltage and powerlevel per band.


Those parameters I copied from the RRC settings, but combined 3 rows there.
yes I have 2 serial ports/cables in use, and now added this USB line, which works fine for CW signal but not for PTT.



Maybe this is hidden somewhere in the manuals but...
I have been operating 1000+ QSOs with the internal keyer, but always as pressing simultanously hand mike PTT.
Now tried with wintest, USB DTR as CW and RTS as PTT. Once the message starts it locks itself and never releases,
until I close wintest. By disabling RTS signal from wintest, it transmits CW OK from Wintest on the air, but I again need to push PTT manually. Any Ideas ?

I'm using Elecraft K3 >-< HRD as RS232 on COM 0/2 and a microham box on RS232 COM 1

SW 2.46 setup mgr 1.12

Control side:
USB is NOT used as COM 1,2,3
IN0 mode  I/O   
OUT0 mode  I/O
OUT1 mode  I/O
OUT2 mode  I/O 

Radio side
PTT activated keyer NO
OUT0 mode I/O
OUT1 mode I/O
OUT2 mode Keyer

Joni  OH2FT

Konfiguration av Webswitchen / Re: Telnet
« on: 2011-03-20, 07:28:23 »
Jan, det skulle vara bra att med html eller liknande enkel öppen system kunna styra releärna, even flera av dom med en click på skärmen. Då skulle man kunna fixa sin egen layout enlight behov.

Har du sett denna sida:

Bra. Jag kollar om det fungerar even med 1216E. Då kan man styra 32 combinationer med 5 releer. Och fixa sina egna UI-lådor per combination.

Konfiguration av Webswitchen / Re: Telnet
« on: 2011-03-18, 08:58:26 »
Jan, det skulle vara bra att med html eller liknande enkel öppen system kunna styra releärna, even flera av dom med en click på skärmen. Då skulle man kunna fixa sin egen layout enlight behov.


I would need a solution to select with remote relays
various antennas (4 sq directions, 6 directions from a triagle etc, 8 directions, but haven't found a solution on the market.

Velleman has some pieces, but requires USB connection or a PC at radio end. I would like to have a web-like page that I can modify myself, from which I could select with mouse the wanted antenna directions, and the outputs would use relays in binary way for various selections. Microbit's web switch is not suitable, you can not change state of several relays with one click, nor are the commands published for modifications. Microham's remote stack switch works fine (RS232) with some limited configurations. And yes, you could do your own with arduino, parallax etc, but that would be quite a project. RRC's own three I/Os are fine, but I would need maybe 30 outputs.  I can not be the only one with the need for too many control signals.

Any ideas ? Joni OH2FT

General discussion forum / Re: UBox Application Software
« on: 2011-03-09, 10:42:07 »

how much is the Ubox loading your access line (capacity wise) ? I have a 1M/512 line to radio side only.
Ubox seems a discontinued product.

Joni OH2FT

General discussion forum / Re: Some advice please
« on: 2011-01-25, 09:15:05 »
I have tested VSCOM 211, it's a 2 * RS232 model, with Easy Rotor Controllers.

Would also be interesting to run USB over web servers, but those are harder to find, or maybe they
are only suitable within the same LAN, not really over the web ?


General discussion forum / Re: Some advice please
« on: 2011-01-24, 09:21:07 »
If I built TTL to RS232 converters to both ends of RRC boxes, can
I get a third RS232 line through the boxes ? I have Elecraft K3 & HRD using COM 0(2), a microham box in COM 1, but a third one would be very valuable.

Joni OH2FT

I have a third party serial web server too, but that's fully booked by now.

General discussion forum / 2 uplinks with one router
« on: 2011-01-05, 09:29:21 »

Slightly off the topic, but anyone here who has put two internet uplinks on the same router,
with ip-address based load sharing, and using it with RRC (radio side). The aim is to utilize the latency wise better ISP for RRC, and route web switch, serial webserver for rotor control, and other not so critical services to a low cost ISP (mobile 3G). My 3G unfortunately has some blocked ports for incoming signals, so I hope those could be bypassed by using the other ISP line for input, and sending answers back on the low cost. So having separate routers per ISP doesn't solve the problem with this particular 3G provider. And in any case,
at least I would gain some redundancy and extra band width.

There are double wan port routers on the market, but before spending some 300EUR,
maybe someone has done it already ?

Joni OH2FT

PS I'm very satisfied with my RRC, using only one ISP (450 MHz OFDM system).

General discussion forum / Re: RRC behind 3G / UMTS
« on: 2010-05-13, 05:29:57 »
I have now successfully tested and switched over to the 450 MHz radio network we have in OH (Qualcom OFDM) , and it seems to give ping latencies of <80 ms, which makes a huge difference compared to typical 3G values of 700 ms.
Necessary ports are open. It has a monthly limit of 5GB, and after that your priority is supposed to start dropping.

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