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I ordered several ERCs some weeks ago to be controlled over a single serial port, but haven't tested them yet. Manufacturer said it's OK if their control line "disappears" so switching ERCs with relays should be ok, it's just rxd, txd and gnd. Their card for az/el should hardware wise be OK for 2*az, but the protocol or SW not yet. Please ask ERC yourself, their support seems excellent. The control end SW, like HRD would have to accept that also. Or maybe a second set of RRCs...

General discussion forum / Re: RRC behind 3G / UMTS
« on: 2010-04-06, 12:21:39 »
It's best to test a 3G modem & subscription before making a long commitment,
If you intend to use it at the Radio end. Both for signal strength and suitability. In OH we have three networks (3G), of which one seems to work with RRC and the other one not (current status). The third one I haven't tested. The probable reason is somehow blocked incoming ports. As "P2P" traffic is usually forbidden in those subscriptions, operators might introduce restrictions later, or hopefully ease up things...

Best to test the firewall / port forwardings before starting to test 3G, if you have the possibility.

Regarding 3G modems it also helped me a lot to insert a few snap on ferrites on the USB lead between the router and modem. The downlink speed went up remarcably, and the modem seems to stay connected.


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