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General discussion forum / rrc com 1 connection
« on: 2014-11-17, 12:49:50 »
Hi ,
can someone help me figure this out I'm trying to connect com2 to radio body ts480 then forward cat from com2 to com 1 using both (menu6and 7) and I got cat working ok from my ts 480 and for some reason I can't get com1 working properly .I want to connect to com1 steppir controller and expert 1kw amplifier my steppir and expert working ok using cat from the radio directly both reading frequency now as far as connections   is the connection below is correct:
         3  (rx) auxsw1 (rc1216h)then to .......2
         2  (tx)  ...............................................3 
com1 5.....................................................    5      sda100 data in steppir controller
        7to8                                            7to9
what im doing wrong? please note that user manual sep10 2014 using 7to9 on sda100 data in and on web page shows 1 to7 anyway try both connection ,your help is appreciated ,thanks

General discussion forum / Rotator map
« on: 2014-11-07, 04:53:51 »
Just a question is it possible to have a downloaded map of the world in background of existing map from Microbit?

General discussion forum / Steppir and expert1kw connection
« on: 2014-10-28, 18:22:46 »
Im running this setup ts480 2 RRC between radio and control head ,webswitch with rotator control 1216l to yeasugs1000 ,steppir antenna with rc1216h all works perfectly now my question is :
I have a expert 1kw PA and rc1216 h how should I connect serial cable between expert ,steppir controler and radio ? Ts 480 has only one serial port which I'm using now to send data to steppir ?
Is anybody running same setup?I heard something about forwarding serial port in rrc but I'm not sure what is proper and easiest way of doing .your help is appreciated

General discussion forum / Expert 2k-fa
« on: 2014-10-19, 22:44:19 »
I ordered expert 1K-FA and doesn't look like I will get this soon cause factory is "bit behind" now I have a question about 2k-fa (they might have it this pa sooner)is this is fully remote pa ?can I use this amplifier from web (RC1216) or has to be serial connection from RRC, I looked already some post from 2011 and was some sort of problem .
Does anybody have experience with Acom 2000 ?
Thank you

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