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News / New firmware for RRC-1258-all v2.35
« on: 2011-04-27, 16:22:13 »
There is a new version v2.35 available for the RCC:s

- The USB Interface can be used for the CAT control. ( eliminate the need for RS-232 port on Laptops).
– The RRC now handles shift between Yaesu Twin and RRC-Micro automatically in mode 10. ( without need for changing settings).
– Better busy handling, prevent unwanted  double connections from inside the same router. ( need v.1.1.3 of RRC-Micro).
– No bootloader text on COM1 if Bootloader 1.9 is used.

73 de mike

- Some minor cosmetic changes.
- Better handling of some error situations.

- Now with profiles to make it easier to change between different setups.
- Now it's possible to use other microphones. Not locked to 1274A anymore. 1274A must be connected
  as PTT and licence dongle.
- User interface modified.
- Selectable packet size 20/40 ms. Follows automatically in RRC end.
- The Program window now follows windows standard and is NOT always on top.
- Some other small fixes also.
- Note! You must upgrade RRC to 2.33 at the same time.

News / New product released
« on: 2011-01-25, 13:12:41 »
A new product called RRC-1258MkIIs Yaesu twin is released. The Yaesu Twin concept is a high end concept for the serious ham who do not accept any compromise even when remote controlling his station.

Check the Website

73 de mike

News / New firmware for RRC-1258all = v2.33
« on: 2011-01-20, 19:16:00 »
There is a new version v2.33 available for the RCC:s

- Iambic B mode is fixed, approved by all test pilots. (check keyer settings after update)
- Jitter buffer size can now be set to 15 as the manual says.

73 de mike

News / New firmware for RRC-1258all = v2.32
« on: 2011-01-04, 20:08:44 »
There is a new version v2.32 available for the RCC:s

New features:
- Support for Kenwood TM-D710 FM VHF/UHF Radio.
- The CW Side tone is made more distinct.
- Active profile is shown on status page.
- Some other small fixes.

- No bugs are known.

73 de mike

News / New firmware for RRC-1258all = v2.30
« on: 2010-12-16, 16:36:33 »
There is a new version v2.30 available for the RCC:s

New features:
- Profiles, you can save 5 different setups as profiles in the RRC and easily change between them.
- Backup and Restore Setup, You can store a setup at your PC, and restore it to your RRC if needed.
- New CW-keyer mode = Iambic A2, for you who have had problem with the old A and B, pse try.
- New PTT output in CW. One of the outputs can be configured to activate when CW-keying,
   it will go active immediately, so if you set a key-delay you can get it to key your PA prior to the CW keying.
- Support for Ericsson/Niros C5x (needs extra hardware).

- No bugs are known.

73 de mike

New software for the RRC-Micro PC client released today (v1.0.24)

- Bugfix - Hang up when Radio-RRC are busy.
- Bugfix - Hang up when the SIP-password is not corresponding to the RRC SIP-password.
- Tooltips for LED:s etc.
- DLL fix for 64bit version.
- Need .NET framework v 4.0, the user will be directed to download page by the installer if installation  of v 4.0 is needed.

Remember that you need firmware v2.27 or newer in the Radio-RRC.

73 de mike

News in version 1.13:        

- The problem with the Ethernet type negotiations is fixed (important fix). This should solve most trouble with the Web pages and connectivity in general.

- Now support for automatic antenna switching with Yaesu also (eg. FT-2K,5K,9K).


News in version 2.28:      

- The problem with the Ethernet type negotiations is fixed (important fix). This solves lot of trouble with  both Web page, CW-keying and PTT etc. in later versions.

- New "CAT-Server" makes it possible to connect other hardware which needs to speak to the radio via the Radio-RRC. The IP-data from control side to local COM2 and local COM1 will be intelligent mixed (in sequence)  before sent to local COM2. Data from local COM2 goes to both local COM1 and to control side COM2 via IP. Can be used for MicroHam, the WebSwitch, Power  Amplifiers etc. This function is for Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecraft only.

- Added DNS test on status page
- Added link for latest DynDNS answer make trouble shooting easier.


We have found a problem when the RRC negotiate the ethernet settings with the switch. If you use "Auto prefer 10FDX" it will by default select 10FDX and this mode is not working properly packets are lost, it shows specially when working CW. Change to "Auto" or 10HDX then it will work as normal again. We will fix this and release a new version ASAP.


Allmänt diskussionsforum / Fjärrstyrning via WLAN
« on: 2009-10-15, 20:14:44 »
Jag får ofta frågan om man kan köra remoterig över WLAN. Det går alldeles utmärkt. Det är ett flertal som kör över WLAN länk bl.a K6VVA med sin SO2R station.

Jag brukar rekommendera UbiQuiti Powerstation 5 se som säljs av Det är suveräna grejer till mycket bra pris. Vi har kör 5 GHz Powerstation över 15 km i flera år. Det funkar helt perfekt vi har ca 30 dB marginal på det avståndet, dåligt väder brukar sänka insignalen med  max 3 dB vi kör dock bara 3 Mbit/s. Länkbudget kan man göra på smarteqs hemsida  min erfarenhet är att den stämmer mycket bra med rätt indata.

73 de micke/sm2o

Ett vanligt supportärende är att när man gjort kablarna till IC-706 och börjar testa så gör man det utan att ha anslutit en högtalare/hörlurar till frontpanelen. I det läget så kommer ingen mic-lf fram till radion då man trycker på PTT. Alltså något måste vara anslutet till jacket på panelen. Det här är ju aldrig nått problem i en verklig installation eftersom man knappast försöker sända utan att först ha nått att höra med,

73 de micke

General discussion forum / New Software v 1.36 released
« on: 2009-07-05, 20:53:15 »
With some new features. For example front serialport is now possible to use for remote rotor control.

73 de mike

Ny mjukvara v1.36 finns att ladda ned med bl.a möjlighet till överföring av serieport till rotorstyrning och lite annat smått och gått. Se under Programvara och Nyheter.

73 och trevlig sommar de micke

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