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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Line level to mic input
« on: 2017-02-11, 20:42:28 »
I have a remoterig connected to a Yaesu FT-857D. Is there a configuration that would allow me to connect a line-level input instead of a microphone, with a separate PTT switch?

General discussion forum / Re: RemoteRig has stopped working
« on: 2015-08-14, 15:24:53 »

Now I may have a new problem. I tried connecting a separate power supply to the remoterig radio unit, but stupidly got the wires reversed. Now that I have the polarity correct, the unit won't power up. Is the unit protected against reversed polarity, or did I just fry it?

Also, do you happen to know what range of input voltages the unit will accept, and how much current it draws?

General discussion forum / RemoteRig has stopped working
« on: 2015-08-13, 15:07:41 »
I'm using a RemoteRig with a Yaesu FT-857, on a local LAN. The setup worked great for a long time, but now I can almost never get the radio to turn on. When it does turn on, after a few minutes it will turn off. Here's what I know:

- When I press the power button on the radio head, I hear a beep and a click, and then nothing.

- I can access the web interfaces for both the control and radio side of the remoterig from my desktop computer, which is on the same LAN.

- From the web interfaces, all of the remoterig settings look correct, and I haven't changed them since it was working.

- The DNS Status for the control side shows the correct IP address for the radio side.

- If I disconnect the radio base and head from the remoterigs and hook them together directly, the radio works fine.

Got any idea what's wrong or how to troubleshoot this problem?

I think the logical parallel mode is working. Running a terminal program on my PC at 64000 baud I see data streaming in as the radio operates.

However, I've hit a roadblock with Ham Radio Deluxe. The problem may be beyond the scope of this forum, but I figured I'd ask about it since other people here have asked about HRD. The problem is this: When HRD is configured for the FT-857, the only baud rates it allows are 4800, 9600, and 38400. I'm guessing this is because these are the rates that can be selected on the radio for the CAT interface. Is there a workaround to the problem that HRD won't connect at 64000?

Alternatively, is there a way to configure RemoteRig to connect the radio's CAT channel to my PC at one of the supported baud rates? Perhaps this can be done by abandoning the remote-head setup and using RemoteRig for just audio and CAT serial.

It does indeed. I never would have figured that out without your help.

So, it sounds like I don't use the Yaesu CT-62 cable on the radio side at all. All I need is a serial cable between the control side and my PC. I assume I can set "Use USB Com Port as COM2" to "Yes" use a USB cable.

Many thanks.

Thanks for the additional info. I'm a little confused about the "logical parallel mode". It seems to imply that this somehow links COM2 with the data that is being transferred between the FT-857 radio and remote head.

Maybe I should step back and explain what I'm trying to do...

I have the FT-857 connected to the remoterig using the detachable control panel (remote head) configuration described in the "Yaesu FT-857" section of the remoterig manual.

If possible, with that configuration still in place, I'd also like to control the radio from my PC using Ham Radio Deluxe. I was assuming that would be possible by connecting a Yaesu CT-62 cable between the radio base and COM2 on the remoterig radio unit, and then connectomg a USB cable between the remoterig control unit and my PC. The Yaesu manual says I can set the CAT baud rate to one of three possible settings. The default is 4800.

Would COM2 Mode 4 be what I want rather than Logical parallel.

Thanks for the suggestion. Reading the pages that cover the Yaesu FT-857D (pp. 145 - 149), I see nothing that discusses how to use COM2 to route the radio's CAT serial port to a computer. Perhaps this topic is discussed elsewhere in the manual, but I haven't found anything.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is:
  • What COM2 configuration settings should I set on the RemoteRig units? (mode, baud rate, etc.)
  • Can I use a USB interface cable to route the COM2 data from the remoterig's USB port to my computer, or do I need to plug a traditional serial cable into the remoterig COM2 interface, and possibly use a serial/USB adapter for the computer side?

Replying to my own post...

The problem occurred because I had left the rtSystems CAT-USB cable plugged into the radio, even though the other end wasn't plugged into my computer. For some reason, having this cable plugged in causes the radio to power down when you move various controls on the remote head.

I'm using a remoterig with a Yaesu FT-857D in the remote head configuration. Until today it has worked fine. But, this morning I discovered that moving either the radio's volume control or big tuning knob causes the radio to power down.

If I remove the remoterig and connect the head directly to the radio's base, it works fine. So, the problem has something to do with the remoterig.

The only thing I changed this morning was to use an rtSystems ADMS program on my computer to configure the radio's memory. (This was done with a CAT to USB cable supplied by rtSystems.) Suspecting that might have caused the problem, I did a factory reset of the radio. Unfortunately, the reset did not fix the problem.

I checked the remoterig's configuration screens, and everything is correct.


Configuration, RRC 1258 / Yaesu FT-857 to PC configuration
« on: 2014-06-17, 17:28:59 »
As I understand it, I can connect a Yaesu CT-62 cable between the radio's CAT connector and the remoterig radio COM2 port, and then connect a USB cable between the remoterig control unit and my Windows computer, for logging and computer control of the radio.

How should I configure the remoterig units for this to work? Also, is there any special configuration I need to do on my computer?

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