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General discussion forum / Re: EXPERT 2K-FA
« on: 2010-07-22, 17:30:03 »

It is hard to say, because:

a) I do not believe that SPE has shipped any of these yet, so I doubt that anyone has tested this out.
b) They don't have a download area for manuals

It would probably be best to post your question on the SPE Yahoo Group, or write Dante or Gianfranco a mail directly and ask him.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / Re: PC Client Doesn't Connect
« on: 2010-07-21, 17:23:15 »

I understand that you are still on vacation. When will you be back and be able to fix this bug in the client?

I bought this now to be able to use while on my own vacation starting in two weeks, so hopefully I can get it working by then.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / Re: Non - hf remotes
« on: 2010-07-20, 07:37:06 »
Hi Steve,

The Icom IC-A/E2820 is supported, according to Mike's list.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / Re: PC Client Doesn't Connect
« on: 2010-07-19, 14:30:21 »
I discovered the debug checkbox on the bottom right and looked at the log. I believe that I found the problem, which is a bug in the client software. Here is the connect request:

Request [transactionID='z9hG4bK-2857f1baa9454e83938052e5bdd3bbbc';method='INVITE'; cseq='1'; transport='UDP'; size='510'; sent '' -> ''.

As you see, the request goes out on port 5060, even though I told the client to use port 5090. Either both ends should be port 5090, or it should allow you to enter ports for both ends.

I tried a potential work-around, which would be to define the radio IP (Contact) as e.g., but the client doesn't allow the port to be entered in this field (is logical, because of the port field directly underneath).

As I stated before, I can't use port 5060, since SIP VoIP is hard wired into the routers on both ends (plus it would be common in other routers while roaming).


General discussion forum / PC Client Doesn't Connect
« on: 2010-07-17, 21:54:52 »
I received my PC Client dongle today, but can't seem to get it to connect. I always receive an "error 408 request timeout".

It is actually really straightforward, so I can't imagine what the problem could be. The only set-up difference from the RRC-1258 box is that I needed to add a "SIP realm", which I did on the radio end as well. The only difference in my installation is that my SIP port is set to 5090, since 5060 is already used by the routers on both ends. My firewall is not blocking the PC Client app.

Has anyone else managed to get this working?

Thanks & 73,
Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / Re: EXPERT 2K-FA
« on: 2010-07-16, 12:10:33 »
I believe it also has a serial port as well.

Mitch DJ0QN

That is correct, George, but I was told that this was not public information yet.

Availability is in another couple of months.

Mitch DJ0QN

Sorry to hear that you are still having problems, even after making the long trip to the remote site.

Again, your description of the problem is virtually identical to the one I had, except that I didn't test it with a dummy load before I solved it. I neglected to mention that the problem with the strapping was at the remote unit and not on the RF side. I assume that you checked the strappings on both units, but wanted to mention that. You may wish to replace the MIC GND strapping, just in case. I couldn't see or measure the problem before I did.

My experience is that the RRC is very insensitive to RF. I did some quick RFI testing at the time by sending high power CW with the TS-480 through my SPE Expert into the SteppIR parked on the roof only about 4 meters above the RRC without a problem. I killed the DSL modem and had other strange things happen at that low height, but no effect on the RRC.

If the strappings wasn't the problem, then hopefully Mike or someone else can offer some advice. I hope that you can solve your problem, because this is really a great solution!

Mitch DJ0QN


I had a very similar, if not exactly the same problem.

It turned out that one of the straps (MIC GND) was not all the way in the socket, which wasn't visible to the naked eye (at least my lousy naked eyes). It could be that it came loose in transit, or I just didn't push it in all the way. I ended-up replacing the strap, since it was bent a bit. They seem to fit best when the are in a straight arc. Either way, I would check there first.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / New Feature Wish List
« on: 2010-06-16, 18:17:03 »
The RemoteRig is really a great and innovative product, and everyone that I show it to wants to buy one (if they didn't already). As with every successful product, everyone seems to have a wish list of new features they would like to see included in new firmware versions, or even hardware revisions.

I have seen a couple of suggestions spread throughout the forum, but thought I would start a topic to suggest a couple and let everyone fill in the rest with your ideas:

- Save and reload settings. This would enable you make a backup, share a RemoteRig installation more easily, etc.

- Multiple server settings. This would allow you to switch between multiple server installations.

- Ability to use a SIP software/hardware client. This would allow using RemoteRig without having to carry the remote head and maybe the 1258 box with you. This could be using either a PC at the remote control site with remote control software such as VNC, or you could connect a serial port on the 1258 to the CAT on the rig and control it with software locally that way by only carrying the 1258 box along. It may be that this is already possible and only the settings need to be documented.

- Not exactly a device feature suggestion, but for me the weak point of the product is the documentation. Even though I am a native English speaker, I completely misunderstood the current documentation on some points. I suggest that a wiki is started to improve the documentation and keep it up to date by the user community. An excellent example of this can be seen for the Win-Test documentation at

So let's see if some others have further suggestions.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / Re: 2nd remote head for TS-480SAT
« on: 2010-06-16, 17:46:34 »
Hi Tim,

Strange where we always meet somewhere ;-)

This will really happen, just that it is taking more time than anticipated. I will follow-up around August 1st and inform the group. I assume availability not before August.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / Re: 2nd remote head for TS-480SAT
« on: 2010-05-31, 16:21:51 »
I know of a dealer in the U.S. that has negotiated a deal with Kenwood to bulk buy some TS-480 heads. I can not announce it officially, but it should be in about a month from now. When I receive the final ok and price, I will post it here.

Mitch DJ0QN/K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: CW with TS-480
« on: 2010-04-22, 21:37:32 »
Thanks, Mike, that was it!

I was looking in the wrong place the whole time; it never occurred to me to change I/O settings on both sides. I assumed this did not concern the PAD jack, so I skipped over it.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / CW with TS-480
« on: 2010-04-22, 21:23:46 »
I have everything working now, with the exception of CW. No matter what settings I use, nothing works. I can use TRX-Manager to send using the TS-480 internal keyer (over CAT), but the RemoteRig keyer does not transmit no matter what I do.

Some settings detail:
- TS-480 VOX on
- Tried various delay settings (full BK to slow)
- Turned "Continous RTP tx" on control side (although I think this is only for SSB VOX)
- TS-480 mutes when I use the paddle (and the RRC-1258MkII sends sidetone)
- I have checked the cable from the RemoteRig box to the TS-480 with an ohm meter (stereo out to mono in plug in the "key" jack)

This set-up is going with me to Brussels on Sunday evening to be used next week at the IARU EUROCOM amateur radio exhibition in the European Parliament building. Obviously SSB will be used most of the time, but it would be nice to get this working as well.

Mitch DJ0QN

That was of the jumpers was not quite in one of the holes, not sure why. Now the PTT works.

The audio quality sucks, as I have strong background noise that is louder than my audio. I need to do some testing to find the problem, but at least it transmits now. It may be an RF problem, but hopefully I can solve it from here.

Thanks for the help!

Mitch DJ0QN

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