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General discussion forum / Re: 2nd remote head for TS-480SAT
« on: 2010-05-31, 16:21:51 »
I know of a dealer in the U.S. that has negotiated a deal with Kenwood to bulk buy some TS-480 heads. I can not announce it officially, but it should be in about a month from now. When I receive the final ok and price, I will post it here.

Mitch DJ0QN/K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: CW with TS-480
« on: 2010-04-22, 21:37:32 »
Thanks, Mike, that was it!

I was looking in the wrong place the whole time; it never occurred to me to change I/O settings on both sides. I assumed this did not concern the PAD jack, so I skipped over it.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / CW with TS-480
« on: 2010-04-22, 21:23:46 »
I have everything working now, with the exception of CW. No matter what settings I use, nothing works. I can use TRX-Manager to send using the TS-480 internal keyer (over CAT), but the RemoteRig keyer does not transmit no matter what I do.

Some settings detail:
- TS-480 VOX on
- Tried various delay settings (full BK to slow)
- Turned "Continous RTP tx" on control side (although I think this is only for SSB VOX)
- TS-480 mutes when I use the paddle (and the RRC-1258MkII sends sidetone)
- I have checked the cable from the RemoteRig box to the TS-480 with an ohm meter (stereo out to mono in plug in the "key" jack)

This set-up is going with me to Brussels on Sunday evening to be used next week at the IARU EUROCOM amateur radio exhibition in the European Parliament building. Obviously SSB will be used most of the time, but it would be nice to get this working as well.

Mitch DJ0QN

That was of the jumpers was not quite in one of the holes, not sure why. Now the PTT works.

The audio quality sucks, as I have strong background noise that is louder than my audio. I need to do some testing to find the problem, but at least it transmits now. It may be an RF problem, but hopefully I can solve it from here.

Thanks for the help!

Mitch DJ0QN

Thanks Simon and Franco,

First on the VPN: the station has a VPN for my normal remote operations, but this QTH has the stupid T-Com router, which has no VPN support. Since I can't connect the networks using the routers, I would need to set-up an extra VPN server to do this, since the RemoteRig doesn't support VPN within the firmware.

Where I am puzzled is that I have no SIP errors at all; the status page is correct, I get sound (which I believe runs over the same port) and the non-blinking yellow light is lit. I really don't think it is a port forward issue.

I will open the box up to see if one of the jumper wires has fallen out, or if I somehow did the wiring wrong (I triple-checked, but you never know). If I don't find anything, I will drive to the station and see if they talk to each other over the local network and look for the problem there. I only checked the connection when I installed the system, and didn't try the microphone out. Maybe it never worked.

Mitch DJ0QN

Thanks for the reply, Franco.

If I understand you correctly, I must replace my router to get this to work, since no port seems to work.

I have a problem changing routers....I switched to VDSL, and there is not much on the market. There are no external modems to use with a decent router and there are only routers available from T-Home, which are crap. I can't put the box in a DMZ, for example. The VDSL router from Fritz was announced over a year ago, and is still not shippable.

Still, it is strange, since the sound works just fine, just not the PTT. I would think that nothing would work if the port was blocked.

Mitch DJ0QN

I have a similar problem to the one that Franco had. I also can't get the PTT to work remotely on the TS-480, otherwise all seems ok so far (I haven't tried CW yet). In my case, even VOX didn't work.

I tried several different SIP ports, but no difference. Maybe I didn't find the magic port that Franco is using  ;)

The remote is located in the DMZ, the ports are forwarded locally. All indicators are fine under the status page for both units.

Anyone have any tips?

Mitch DJ0QN

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