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W1UE - That's exactly how I had my system configured when I experienced the unreliable connection to COM1, except that I had the baud rate set at 9600 because RHR advised that is all that is necessary.  I don't recall if I tried 38400 baud, so I will try it now.

Jan (Microbit) - Ok, you are hoping that the Microbit software developers will implement the work-around in their software.  I am going to try increasing the COM1 baud rate to 38400 as suggested by Dennis and see what that does.

Jan (Microbit) - Thanks for enlightening me!  Are you saying that the only way to get the German drivers is to purchase Win-Test?

W1UE - I am revisiting the WinKey emulator experience for RHR.  By
... It only requires changing one item in the Control RRC, and the proper setup in the logging program.
, are you referring to the following or something else?

1.  Change mode for "COM3(Extra) mode (USB-COMFSK)" to "Mode-8, WinKeyer".
2.  Add Radio 'None" connected to the above virtual USB port, check CW/Other, click "Set", check WinKey and click OK.  Make sure that CW/Other is NOT checked for the Elecraft K3 or other Radio.

BTW, for what its worth, here are the mode and speed settings used in my RHR configuration:

COM0, 14-Elecraft K3 Twin, 38400
COM1, Mode-7, CAT to COM2 (Remote), 9600
COM2, Logical parallel with COM0, 38400
COM3, Mode-8, WinKeyer

Jan (Microbit) - I am using Windows 10.  The virtual ports that I see in Device Manager are as follows:

RRC1258 COM0 (COM11)
RRC1258 COM1 (COM10)
RRC1258 COM2 (COM19)
RRC1258 COMExtra (COM12)

I doubt that it has anything to do with Windows 10, but I have observed that the reliability of the RRC1258 COM1 virtual connection does not match that of an RS-232 to USB connection from the COM1 port on the RRC-1258 to my PC.  I thought that it would be neat to run a cable from the USB connection on the RRC1258 to my PC to accommodate the COM1 and COExtra connections needed to use the WinKey emulator with the N1MM+ logger.  However, the N1MM+ logger connection to RRC1258 COM1 (COM10) was lost frequently.  I had to restore the RS-232 to USB connection from the COM1 port on the RRC-1258 to my PC, meaning that I had to use two cables.

W1UE - RHR tried out the WinKey emulator a couple of years ago and had so much trouble with it that they don't mention it's use to RHR users.  In other words, they didn't have time to play with it.  Instead, they advise users to use the KY CATA1ASC macros.  The KY CATA1ASC macros have that advantage that you can hear the remote receiver during gaps.

Jan (Microbit) - I use virtual port 3 (RRC1258Extra) to connect the N1MM logger to the WinKey emulator.

M0BPQ - How do you clear the ERR KEY or ERR PTT error message?  I hit the dot lever on my Vibro Keyer.

I am a (RHR) member.  I use an RRC-1258 MkII to interface with my Elecraft K3/0 Mini and the N1MM+ logger.   I have modified stock N1MM+ Function Key Files to use the K3 KY command and the N1MM+ CATA1ASC command to transmit ASCII characters to a remote K3 for nearly a year, because this is what RHR tells you to do.

Recently, I determined how to use the WinKey emulator to key a remote K3 directly using the stock N1MM+ Function Key Files.  Initially, the remote K3 hung up frequently.  That is, the TX light stayed lit after a command was completed.  This was accompanied by either a K3 ERR KEY or ERR PTT message.  I tried everything to eliminate this issue.  The extent of the issue varies from station to station.  Finally, I discovered that if I added a couple of spaces at the end of each N1MM+ logger function key command, the issue appeared to go away.

However, during the CQ160CW contest this year, the issue occurred often enough that I switched back to the KY CATA1ASC Function Key File.

My question is why is it necessary to add one of more spaces to the end of each N1MM+ logger function key command?

I just updated the firmware to version 2.90, but that did not resolve the issue.  Right now I am testing with only one space at the end of each command.

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