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General discussion forum / Re: Lightning
« on: 2024-07-10, 02:51:37 »
As strange as this may sound it looks like the only thing that changed  was the baud rate at the remote site I reset it to 57600 it was at 4800 and now everything works from one remote control head the other works but has no TX control or TX audio  but that is a problem with the local control head.  Thanks again Mike

General discussion forum / Re: Lightning
« on: 2024-07-06, 15:20:43 »
Thank you for your quick response Mike I will have routable ports at home Monday and will spend more time with this problem. You confirmed what I had suspected and it should work, my only thought now is intermittent in the RJ12 cable?  The micro interface is nice but I miss  the control panel.

General discussion forum / Lightning
« on: 2024-07-05, 00:00:32 »
I should describe it as a "power line event"  blown fuse and bridge rectifier in Astron PS20 power supply. The TS480SAT survived ok  the SPE1KFA powers up but does not work Laptop is ok. I replaced the supply and stripped the station down to only it and the TS480SAT and RR box running V2.95. I can connect remotely with RRC Micro and ARCP480 and it works well. I can not connect remotely with two different  RR boxes and Control heads both do nothing no response at all. I installed my spare RR box and radio at the site and nothing changed, the back up was loaded with the BIN file from the site as all my other backups were lost in an HD failure. I can connect a control head to the radio TTL port  and it works fine I have swapped TTL cables and the spare box and radio were not on site and I confirmed both worked at home on the LAN. I am confused as to what the problem could be. In the past I have had corrupted data in my on site modem where port address changed to ascii data instead of actual port digits. I have reviewed the data in the router port forwarding and RR box but see nothing unusual. I will soon have the ability to port forward at my home and can check my spares on the WAN in the city I have tested them on the LAN, its a 200km trip to the remote site. Any thoughts would be appreciated and hopefully inspirational as I am at a loss as to what to do next.

General discussion forum / Re: unknown com2 baudrate
« on: 2021-10-29, 04:18:06 »
Problem solved and I would share the solution but I honestly dont know what I changed that allows me to start the ARCP480 and not get the com2 error now onto the next problem good rx audio but no TX audio hihi.

General discussion forum / Re: unknown com2 baudrate
« on: 2021-10-27, 04:14:38 »
I finally did the upgrade on my RR to 2.95 and it is on my LAN (a spare rig and RR) when I connect to it with RRCmicro the RRC light blinks and the RTP light is on. I start ACRP480 but when I select connect I receive  the message "unknown device on com2 or wrong baud rate"  I have confirmed the speeds are correct. I have confirmed the serial cable is ok and plugged into com 2. I have a combination modem/router supplied by my ISP could it be an issue on a LAN? Ports are forwarded.

On a similar issue a recently installed remote TS480 behaves exactly the same way, its internet is provided by a WISP, we can connect but when we start ACRP480 we receive the same message.  All that being said I do have another  remote installation that works fine with using RRCmicro and ARCP480 which has yet  a different WISP and router. I am at a loss what to try next. I suspect the supplied modem/routers are my problem.


General discussion forum / Re: unknown com2 baudrate
« on: 2021-07-03, 23:04:17 »
I didn't do the upgrade as I want to do it on site (300km away) I did however do the upgrades to the three control heads I have and they all work fine. I realize they are totally unrelated to RRC micro but the com2 error has disappeared not sure what to say must be the +40C heat wave hihi. Thanks for the quick response and excellent product.

General discussion forum / unknown com2 baudrate
« on: 2021-06-27, 00:49:07 »
Setting up a RRC1258MKII (Ver 2.87) for a friend since he enjoys using mine so much. It works fine with the control head but when we try to use RRCMicro (V1.9.20, RTP1.2.0, 1274B V2.1.0.0 FW 2) we get the message "unknown device connected to com 2 or baud rate in the transceiver does not match the software" when we start ARCP480. I have compared the RRC setup that I used in his new installation to how I have mine configured and at a loss to explain why it wont work. I swapped serial cables from the radio to the RRC1258 with a know good cable and no difference. I have been thru the baud rate settings in the radio and ARCP480 (V1.1) but  don't understand why I receive this message. We can both use our respective CPU's to connect to my station or his station but as soon as we try to connect the ARCP480 software we receive the message.


General / Re: Kenwood nano vs galaxie s5 problem fixed
« on: 2018-12-22, 23:37:11 »
Very helpful thanks


General discussion / hresult:0x8007000B
« on: 2018-10-08, 22:46:03 »
A friend has used my RRC micro several times on holidays and needs it now when he is in for surgery he received the following message.

"An attempt to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)"

He tried a reinstall which may be the source of the problem. CPU is Toshiba running Windows 8.

General discussion / Re: RRC Micro on cruise
« on: 2018-02-11, 22:11:08 »
Thanks Mitch, have you ever tried it or know someone who has?


General discussion / RRC Micro on cruise
« on: 2018-02-10, 01:13:26 »
Does anyone have any firsthand experience using the RRC Micro on a commercial cruise ship? The staff advised the latency was 700ms but I would prefer first hand real world reports from users


General discussion / Re: RRC micro changes
« on: 2017-12-11, 16:29:11 »
Final solution would appear the only reason I did not have audio was that I did not adjust the volume slider control in the ARCP480 cat software. So to get back to an earlier post where I wanted to only run the RRC Micro because the rig is on a net frequency and never needs CAT control it can not be done you must have CAT control so you can adjust the volume to start the audio when using a TS480. One use of this setup will be for a senior who only wants to be on a net frequency ....and does not like computers we will have to retrain him hihi.  I have noticed several posts that do not seem to have resolutions posted, one post indicated the ARCP480 would not work with the RRC/TS480  I can confirm this is false it works fine rumour down. Thanks to Mike and Mitch for their help it is a thankless job they do.


General discussion / Re: RRC micro changes
« on: 2017-12-03, 03:16:54 »
Some progress I am now able to connect to VE6WZ site, on his recommendation I adjusted the jitter size,delay and packet size I settled on 11, 9 and 40. So this proves I have a viable CPU/sound card combination. Sadly I have made adjustments on my own RRC micro client and have been rewarded with nothing but dead air. 


General discussion / Re: RRC micro changes
« on: 2017-12-03, 00:29:44 »
PSS At this point in time I am working on only getting the RCC micro to work CAT is on the back burner a friend is going in to the hospital and I want to get him on HF even with out control of the rig.


General discussion / Re: RRC micro changes
« on: 2017-12-03, 00:25:31 »
I forgot to mention when I am connected to my RRC site status reports "Connection status faulty (see below) UDP CMD status error (0)" 


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