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General / Re: TS2000 with Nano, no power on
« on: 2018-04-07, 15:50:33 »
My virgin Media  super hub has no option to disable SIP ALG, Not sure if this could be the issue with using NANO app?

General / Re: TS2000 with Nano, no power on
« on: 2018-04-06, 08:29:11 »
Thanks Mitch,

Email sent, hopefully it works for you.
I need to  change the power supply this morning but it will be back online around lunch time.


General / Re: TS2000 with Nano, no power on
« on: 2018-04-05, 23:08:36 »
Cheers for all the help Mitch,

It seems I have now some functionality but intermittent.

Radio now switches on but not every time.

Tuning sometimes works but only by a small amount before it stops and doesn't allow me to scan the band in chosen steps or display the frequency in the app. frequency moves on radio display but not in app.

Frequency direct input works fine also TX and RX are good.

Some buttons grey out if used once but reopening the app allows use of the buttons again (only once then having to open app back up)

Radio switches off ok when disconnecting.

Checked all settings are the same in RRC setup and in the APP and tried other settings to the same result. z

SIP Port was a typo and is 13000.

It would be interesting to see if anyone can connect to my radio via the APP that's already working on their setup as I'm wondering if its my phone/network that is causing the problems.  My remote RRC works great though.



General / Re: TS2000 with Nano, no power on
« on: 2018-04-05, 09:00:13 »
Hi Mitch,

Yes the cable is installed between the Ts2000 and RRC, settings for Com2 :COM2 mode 4
 COM2 baudrate 4800 (set same in radio)
 COM2 data bits 8
 COM2 stop bits 1
 COM2 parity 0-off
 COM2 terminator (hex) 00

I used to use the radio with the serial cable for CAT control before I purchased the RRC so I can confirm the cable works ok.

I haven't tried connecting the remote RRC to the com port for logging ect as yet.


General / Re: TS2000 with Nano, no power on
« on: 2018-04-04, 22:29:51 »
Thanks for the reply Mitch,

Tried changing to the radio setting 8 to 4 in the radio RRC but no change.

I can still get audio, TX, band change and direct frequency input when I manually switch the radio on.

The dial changes the radio frequency on the odd occasion but doesn't relay the change to the app (no frequency display)

Radio still switches off via the app.

The buttons and tuning dial in the app are only functional if I come off the app and open it back up again.

Hopefully I can find a solution as it would be a great addition to my Remoterig setup.


General / TS2000 with Nano, no power on
« on: 2018-04-03, 20:49:40 »
Searched but couldn't find any answer, sorry if already been discussed..

I've successfully got my new RRC-1258's working with the TS2000 and Remote head, made a couple of contacts while away from home  8)

I now want to get the NANO working but I've run into an issue with what could be down to my settings.

1.Radio doesn't switch on via app (turns off ok) but I have audio through the phone if I manually switch on.
2. Buttons on app are not functional and no frequency display.

I have the straight com cable connected from radio to RRC

COM2 mode 4
 COM2 baudrate 4800 (set same in radio)
 COM2 data bits 8
 COM2 stop bits 1
 COM2 parity 0-off
 COM2 terminator (hex) 00

Samsung S6 edge (4g network) with NANO 1.5.1
Sip port 1300 (same RRC)
UDP AUDIO 13001 (same rrc)
" " CMD 13002 (same as rrc)
Jitter 4
Delay 3

Sip contact I took from rrc (few letters & number)

During initial installation of RRC, jumper 3 wasn't touched and remains default  (strapped)

Could it just be my phone not being good with the app or have I missed something obvious?


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