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Feature Requests / Re: startup problem
« on: 2020-12-26, 22:06:38 »
okay i was already afraid of it but thanks.
i will send him through the supplier to you

Feature Requests / startup problem
« on: 2020-12-23, 15:01:11 »

I have a boot problem with the RRC 1258MK2 on the frond side.

I had it working but after a night off the power it wouldn't boot with any possibility. after a full reset and put everything backin then it worked again but after last night without power again the same story.

If I only connect it to the USB cable on the PC, the power LED will flash slowely like normal and I can read it out, but if I connect the power it will go back to boot mode and stay try to boot upthe powertlight makes 1 verry short flas and the red/orange at the mic connector go 7seconds on,7off and when de lights go on i hear en short plop noise on the spreaker  and this repeats over en over

When I take the power off and put it back on, it finally starts up after many tries.
a short time without power is no problem and it will startup in short time same like the one on the radiosite

Somebody an idee??

73' Ingmar PD1IM

General discussion forum / Re: rrc-1258mk2 ic-7100 Stopped??
« on: 2019-05-07, 19:48:36 »
bad internet connection?  when mine lost internet connection of connection is to slo the display stay on for a time but can do nuthing

General discussion forum / Re: IC-7100 noise from remoterig
« on: 2019-05-07, 19:43:48 »
nice you find it and it was so simple.  have fun with it.  use it 2 weeks in month

thanks.  i will order one


I use mij 7100 with the standard handmike but like to buy the HM-151 handmike but are the DTMF buttons all working in remote?

73' . Ingmar  PD1IM

you can program 10 WIFI networks so switching location is no problem.  i use my 706 in the car, work on ship and at home without
any problems.

General / Re: TS2000 remotehead + Nano app combi??
« on: 2019-02-25, 06:40:34 »
thanks.  then i go look for a TS2000.  works now with a IC706mk2G but i mis the antenna switch.

73' . Ingmar   PD1IM

General / TS2000 remotehead + Nano app combi??
« on: 2019-02-23, 12:34:19 »

Is it possible to use de ts2000 with a rontrol head and also the Nano app (not at same time) so i can use the remotehead on my work
and te app when i'm in the car or wait someware or is only one  of the 2 at the same time posible?

73' , Ingmar

General / Re: Nano and IC-706
« on: 2019-01-14, 17:45:41 »
there is an older topic where the try it with the nano app and on works good but of u need a view times  and no received oudio

General / Re: Nano and Icom 706
« on: 2019-01-14, 17:43:01 »

I see thit is an old topic but is it an idee to get it work with an extra cable from the fixt oudio out on the 13pin on the back to PC mic in and use skype for the receive oudio or has the 13pin also no oudio without the front connected?

it works.   now i'm happy ;D ;D

thanks mitch.   is send you a email.

hello all,

I try now for 3 days to get my icom 706 get work with remoterig but nothing goes on. 
i do something wrong i think but no id what.
when i connect the cables whit the rj45 connector the 706 works fine so the cable must be good

do somebody have the setting files for me or can somebody help me with teamviewer ???

73'  Ingmar  PD1IM

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Wifi Module Bad
« on: 2018-12-16, 12:17:03 »
Wifi module works only in 2,4Ghz, not on 5Ghz. 

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