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Thanks for fast reply, even at Mid-Summer periode!

I appreciate all your service, thanks & 73 de DG6ED


I run 3 identical systems (RRC-1258 MKII with IC-E2820) in 3 locations with daily changing IP addresses using standard Radio- and Control- boxes are remote-powered off during the night. The System was working very reliable for months.

Since Sat, 19-Jun-2021 two of them have problems on Conrtol side, to get the latest updated IP address. Despite already shows the renewed IP address, they still show 3...4 hours after power-on in the Control box web page Status in 'Other party' AND 'DNS status' the one of the day before.

About 4 hours after power-on the Control box realizes the new IP address and works as usual.

Any idea, what's going wrong?

Hi Mike,

Visionairy power, great & thanks, works perfect!

I didn't mention, that the WLAN module might influence the overall funcionality - so I didn't mention, that there is one built in.

Recommendation: put this information in the manual of the 2820 section, where the HM-133 adapter is mentioned, once you do the next update.

+ + + Great product, great service, great solution + + +

Best regards,

Holger DG6ED

High all,

I try to use my  IC-E2820 with the RRC set below and with HM-133 adapter pcbs (both yellow and blue cables soldered as described).
- Radio:    SNr.: 10556, Version 7, HW 8, SW 2.95, Bootloader 1.10
- Control: SNr.: 10496, Version 7, HW 8, SW 2.95, Bootloader 1.10

Everithing on RX side works fine, exept HM-133 functions don't work:

LEDs (red PTT, yellow Function etc.) get illuminated, when used accordingly, however no PTT, no remote control (e.g. change from VFO to Memory...) of the TRX is possible.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

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