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I am having a problem with the remote-side RRC crashing when sending CW. This occurs occasionally - under constant use, it might occur once in five or ten minutes. I have run a number of tests, and I have eliminated RF as a problem - the crash will occur even when the radio in test TX mode. I also know that it is the remote side, because when the link crashes, I can still access the web configuration interface at the radio side, but the remote side is down until the device reboots. I am sure that this is happening only on transmit, because when the device crashes, it loses CAT with win-test. I can leave the remote link up for many hours with the connection never dropping, as long as I am not transmitting CW

Here is my configuration:
K3/0 mini, with K3S radio. connected through reliable high speed VPN connection.

At the remote side, I am using a Windows 10 computer, running win-test. I am using an external winkey box, connected by USB to the computer and controlled by win-test. The winkey out goes to the KEY input on the back of the K3/0. At the remote RRC, the winkey is enabled, with the default values. At the radio end, winkey is configured to invoke PTT, with a 200ms tail. The radio is set for semi-QSK.

I had an earlier problem that was solved by upgrading the application firmware. I tried reflashing the application, but it did not make a difference.

Another symptom that may or may not be relevant is that when sending, I notice that occasionally the last element of a character will be dropped. For example, when sending a zero, what I hear sent in the internal side tone is ---- .

I am running the external winkey box because I want to send CW with the computer. I know that the RRC has an internal winkey emulator, but in the documentation I don't see where I can address it so that I can send computer-generated CW.

I solved this...

The issue appears to have been a firmware issue. I flashed a new version of firmware at both ends, and the problem went away... I don't know if the issue was that the previous version of the firmware was corrupted, or if the new version had some bug fix that that made it more stable. Either way, it is fine now.

Remotely flashing the box when it appears to be resetting will make you prematurely grey.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: K3/0 on phone
« on: 2019-11-09, 21:50:48 »
Is the correct selection on the K3/0 mini line in,  if I am using the side mic connection? And at the radio side, it is Rpl?




I am still having this problem. I have been observing it for a while, and it appears that RRC 1258 at the remote end is restarting periodically. When the link fails, the power light goes out, then starts again, blinking at first, and then becoming solid. I have connected the 1258 to my computer via a USB cable, and when the connection fails, the USB port drops, and then reconnects... suggesting to me that it is rebooting.

--- Previous ---

I am noticing that I am getting momentary breaks in sync between my RRC-1258s. I have not been able to observe what is happening at the radio end, but at the remote end I lose audio, and the K3/0 displays the default frequency that it shows when you first turn it on. It will eventually reestablish a connection, but it takes some time. If I power cycle the K3/0, the connection usually gets reestablished very quickly.

The losses in connection are very short... and I am using a remote connection to a PC on the same network to turn antennas and control the amp, and this connection seems to remain up, and so it does not appear to be a loss in the internet connection, except perhaps for some very short interruption... less than a second.

Is there a configuration that will make the connection more robust?


Wigi, KL0R

Configuration, RRC 1258 / K3/0 on phone
« on: 2019-10-31, 22:31:35 »
I have successfully gotten my K3/0 and RRC-1258 pair working... and I have it working with win-test. I have also hooked a foot switch to it, and can invoke PTT with it. However, using a standard headset mic on the stereo mic port on the side of the K3/0 appears not to work. I also wanted to try the hand mic, and in my haste, I grabbed a hand mic when I left the station, but I grabbed the MH3. Anyway, on SSB, when I push the foot switch, the radio transmits, but audio is not getting to the remote radio. When I use the MH3, depressing the transmit button does nothing. I have the mic set to the rear panel on the K3.

At some point I am going to want to use the voice keyer, so I am either going to want to use the internal DVK on the radio, or the DVK in win-test. In either case, I can't get audio at the transmitter.

Any suggestions? A configuration issue? a cabling issue?

Thanks, Wigi, KL0R

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: K3/0 and win-test
« on: 2019-10-29, 20:46:06 »
Well, as I mentioned above, it is likely I don't know what I am doing... that is probably proof, there...

I can't tell you the number of old USB cables I've thrown out... I wonder if I can find one now...


Hardware, Cabling, Installations / K3/0 and win-test
« on: 2019-10-29, 20:16:39 »
Hello everyone...

I did a search on this topic and found this thread: ...

I assume that it isn't being monitored anymore... So I will state my issue, and perhaps get some answers... thanks in advance!

I have a K3/0 and a pair of RRCs... I have them working with a remote radio across the internet. I want to be able to use win-test with this installation... but it wasn't obvious to me how to do that from the above thread.

Here is what I would *LIKE* to do... I would like to be able to take the USB port on the K3/0 and go to my computer and use win-test from there... Ideally I would be able to get CAT and key CW on that USB serial connection. I have tried configuring that, but I have been unsuccessful. My computer sees two com ports when I plug in the USB cable... and I have tried configuring win-test to the data rates on each com port, but with no luck. To the extent that I can tell, my RRCs are configured as stated in the previous thread... but I must admit that I am new to this product, so it is possible, even likely, that I don't know what I am doing.

Here's a grab of my serial configuration at the control end:

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