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Thanks Mitch ... You are super at support! No, haven't tried the reboot ... will do it now.
73, Dennis-WU6X

Hi Mitch,
Well, still stuck on getting WSJT-X to work. All other digital modes working with "other" software (MixW, Fldigi, etc), but no WSJT-X. The strange thing is it did work briefly, now has quit and produces the riglib error with the TS480. Using SignaLinkUSB for audio decode and CAT control for PTT. I can't figure out what I'm missing ...
Dennis, WU6X

Thanks Mitch ... I think I tried CAT for PTT and it wouldn't work. I'll go back and try again. I'm planning to post on the WSJT support forum and see what I can come up with from there.
Dennis, WU6X

Hi Mitch,
Yes, I downloaded the latest version and even just now, un-installed and re-installed it. The software is keying the radio momentarily when I click the CAT TEST button, but posts the error shown in the attached screen.
Dennis - WU6X

Hi Mitch,
First, thanks for ALL your assistance throughout this process ... some of your comments definitely helped to steer me in the correct direction. I agree on the means for PTT via the serial port.

I've now got MixW2 and Fldigi working perfectly, but having trouble with WSJT-X. I'm using all the same settings that work with the other two apps noted, but WSJT-X refuses to recognize the radio and CAT commands, posting a rig library error. I was just about to post to the WSJT-X board to see if this is a configuration issue or a bug.
73, Dennis-WU6X

After much trial, I have a SignaLinkUSB keying and transmitting digital modes using MixW2 software running on a Windows7 Pro laptop. I imagine that similar settings will work with Fldigi, MMTTY, HRD or other digital software. Note this is an AFSK solution, not FSK. The benefits of using the SignaLinkUSB and AFSK are cable reduction, full control of audio in/out of the Control-RRC, and the ability to use all the digital modes, not just RTTY.

Hardware and software configuration as follows:
1. Install an RS-232 serial cable between the TS-480 and Radio-RRC, straight through wiring.
2. Install CAT5 cable between SignaLink OUT and Control-RRC AUX/MIC connector IN.
3. Strap the SignaLink I/O header according to the RemoteRig manual, page 188; pin 3=mic signal, 4=mic ground, 5-PTT, and 6-ground
4. Connect the headphone out on TS480 panel to SignalinkUSB SPKR IN for decode audio; stereo cable.

1. Plug the SignaLinkUSB into the computer and select the USB audio codec for sound card playback/recording devices. Set them to be the default for the computer for now.
2. Make sure the speaker volume control is set to 100% so the SignaLinkUSB will have plenty of audio to work with.
3. See attached MixW2 config screens. Note that your COM ports may be different. Check the computer Device Manager and look for the port assigned to the SignaLinkUSB.
4. Set the Control and Radio RRC's as shown on page 192 of the RemoteRig manual
5. My Control-RRC Serial, Keyer and I/O settings are attached.

Test and Operation
1. Plug headphones or speaker into the MON jack of the SignaLinkUSB to monitor what is being transmitted
2. Connect radio to a dummy load and set to low power to test.
3. Set TX out on the SignaLinkUSB to zero and select RTTY mode.
4. Press the [TX] button in the software and watch that the radio is being keyed; you may have to advance the TX control on the SignaLink USB.
5.  Watch ALC. Increase TX out on the Signalink to keep ALC below top of scale. Press [RX] to stop.
6. If the radio PTT is enabled and you heard the mode being transmitted, you are ready to go with other digital modes as well.

Note: I also use this configuration to send CW, as well as feedback Band, Mode and Frequency to my logging software (N3FJP).

I hope this works for you and answers some of the questions I see being posted with sketchy documentation.
Questions? I'll try to assist if you email me at wu6x at hotmail dot com.
73, Dennis - WU6X

Thank you Mike. That helped considerably.
73, Dennis-WU6X

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: WinKeyer w/RRC Query
« on: 2020-01-08, 19:30:26 »
WooHoo! You were correct, CAT was easy to set up, and now working as follows:

Control RRC
Prolific USB to Serial adapter connected to COM2
Serial settings as described in the table on page 192 of the RR manual

Radio RRC
Serial cable from radio to RRC Com2
Serial settings as described in the table on page 192 of the RR manual

My logging software (N3FJP) is now reading frequency, band and mode perfectly. This should be the case with any software I run on the computer. Next, connect computer audio in/out of the Control RRC, and in/out of the Radio RRC, and should be set for all the digital modes.

On the Control RRC end, I'm thinking about using my SignaLinkUSB which normalizes the sound levels in/out of the computer. Will that work, or would you recommend direct connections to the AUX/Mic input and adjust levels with computer sound card? Also, on the Radio RRC end, do I need other cabling there besides the RJ11 connection?
Dennis, WU6X

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: WinKeyer w/RRC Query
« on: 2020-01-08, 03:32:25 »
I understand ... thank you for a concise explanation. I've been thinking about going AFSK which, as you point out, would give me access to the other digital modes that I'm missing. Right now, I can't seem to key the radio in FSK mode (where AFSK would use VOX). So, I think that must be a setup issue somewhere.
In any case, it's going to be complicated either way as I have to rely on others to cable up the remotes correctly, one on the east coast and one out here in the west, especially if I go serial control.
Hopefully, we can talk soon and compare notes. 73, and thanks for all the assistance you've offered since I began the journey into remote radio control.  :) Dennis - WU6X

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: WinKeyer w/RRC Query
« on: 2020-01-08, 00:45:15 »
I'm using USB to the Control RRC only ... what SP jack are you talking about? We can do a TeamViewer ... are you in the USA?
If so, send an email to wu6x@hotmail dot com ... as I would rather not post all the connection stuff here. Hi!

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: WinKeyer w/RRC Query
« on: 2020-01-08, 00:16:07 »
Thanks for the quick response, Mitch. I've gone over the settings and had/have then set exactly as described and, have tried both mono and stereo cables between radio end KEY output and PAD connector. CW still works, but RTTY not keying the radio.
I had RTTY producing a solid tone at one point, but now lost that trying various configurations.
Tnx for your assistance ... I can make screen shots if needed.

One thing I am not seeing are other options on the MMTTY Setup/Sound Card tab. I would have expected to see the USB RRC as a selection ... could that be a factor?

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: WinKeyer w/RRC Query
« on: 2020-01-07, 23:32:25 »
Okay ... mono cable installed and MMTTY configured as shown in the manual. CW is working, but FSK node is not keying the TS-480. What else should I look at?
Tnx, Dennis-WU6X

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: WinKeyer w/RRC Query
« on: 2020-01-05, 20:55:52 »
Perfect! I'm not sure what is installed now, but I'll check. I assume using a mono plug won't effect CW ops?

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: WinKeyer w/RRC Query
« on: 2020-01-05, 20:45:39 »
Oops! Sorry about that ... Kenwood TS-480HX. I looked through the manual and everything in the radio is set to default.
Dennis, WU6X

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: WinKeyer w/RRC Query
« on: 2020-01-05, 18:26:37 »
It all works now, even without configuring the Winkeyer emulator in N3FJP. I guess I hadn't tried that before? So many variable I can't remember. In any case, I'm working on getting RTTY to work now with MMTTY. I can key the remote radio but it sends only a carrier, no "diddle". Any ideas?

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