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Thanks for quick reply. Then I will close this "project" instead,

Best regards,

I am currently trying to set up my Remoterig RRC-1258 MKII (radio end serial: 13952, remote serial: 13941) using a Yaesu 857D.
The radio is at mainland, and remote end is currently at an island with satelite communication. Normally I use my Remoterig setup from my home without any issues at all. After I brought the remote end to the island, and made all the neccessary firewall changes on my new remote end, I can't connect.

The "ping" here to mainland are ca 600 ms. Is this a problem for the connection between the two RR boxes? Are there any maximum delay/ping they can handle? All IP-telephony from island works without any problem, so I would not think that this is a problem.

For the firewalls; at the radio end everything is configured from earlier, as my setup is normally working when I am at home QTH.
At my remote end, I have set up a static NAT to my island IP address, and opened UDP 15000-15002 (the ports I am using) to my remote QTH IP-address.

However, when I at remote end try to turn on radio, the  PWR lamp is flashing green. I think this indicates a DNS problem, but as shown from the STATUS pictures of both boxes, they are able to connect to eachother. Also the display on radio front is slightly flashing, which normally indicates some sort of connection problem..

Any advice? :)

Sorry for opening an old thread,

But did anyone actually get CHIRP or Yaesu FT-857 Programmer to work trough the RemoteRig, with a Yaesu radio?
I have orignal cable from radio to RR, and tried both the virtual serial port at PC end, and also a RS232 dongle from the RR serial box at PC end.
Tried all variaties of serial "modes", but I understand Mode 3 is the correct one as for the CAT.

CAT control works perfectly. But I have never got the memory programming to work. I have also tried with different RR boxes, eliminating a fault on my RR box.

ND9B again, I just saw on Microbit's web page they have a  model called "Remoting 1258 MkIIs FT857". Is this just a standard "RRC-1258 MkIIs" pre-modified for the FT857?  Is anyone using this with the Yaesu FT857D?

Bob ND9B

The RemoteRig system works very well with the FT857D, in case you were still waiting for an answer. I have such a setup myself, and also support a ham friend with similar setup.

yes - that is correct.

- When plugged in I can only send dit
- When I remove the plug, it starts sending dahs and never stops, until i restart.

Does the box need to be repaired then? It's only a year or so old, I think... Hopefully warranty..?

General discussion forum / Local RRC gets stuck in CW keying
« on: 2021-07-21, 15:54:04 »
I have successfully used the RRC boxes for remote operation for a year, with Yaesu 857D. Now the latest months with CW keying. Everything has been working as it should.
Now, after a three week summer vacation, where my local box has been powered off, it has started to behave strangely.

Everything starts up as normal. When I key with my paddle, i only get dits. No dahs. (Yes, all wiring is OK with key, it works OK connected to my local IC-7300, as it also did before).
When I unplug the mini jack from the local RRC box, the internal keyer in the RRC starts sending "dahs" non stop. This is only generated locally. This behaviour happens without any connection to the remote radio. I can even unplug my network cable, and radio display cable - and the same CW keyer issue appears. So the problem is not related to my remote end, its only a local problem.

I have tried the follwoing:
- restarted all boxes
- re-installed the last backup of my local RRC (bin file)
- tried a different CW key. (Both CW keys works perfect with my IC-7300)
- When I disable the keyer in my local RRC, the problem disappears as expected as keyer is disabled.

Attached are my local keyer setup, remote keyer setup,
and local box info/remote box info

Any suggestions?

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Mic cable options
« on: 2020-12-27, 18:53:53 »
I was just about to make a similar post when this popped up.

I just ordered the RJ45 to PTT/MIC cable that are made for Yaesu. Mine is from, but I purchased it trough Ebay.
The cable works perfectly when connected directly to my Yaesu 857D. But when connected to the RemoteRig-box, no sound is transferred.
The PTT works. So I realize the strapping needs to be changed in my control box.

- I have allready activated JMP1 ("DC to Mic") to allow DC current to the microphone (I use Astro A10 with electret condenser microphone element)

Currently my AUX/MIC is wired according to the user manual, for the original MH-31, as shown on the attached picture.

Earlier posts suggest to look at a similar setup for Icom, as they used DC-powered electret microphones with remote rig. But I have not been able to find a strapping configuration to use.

Can anyone share how their strapping is done, when using RemoteRig (RRC-1258MkIIs v7) and electret microphone? (PC headset)?
Or any other suggestion?
(As mentioned; I am 100% sure my cable and headset work when directly connected to the 857D radio)

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: rrc 1258 default password ?
« on: 2020-12-09, 18:24:05 »
sorry for opening old topic, but as it's 100% related to my follow up info/question;

I am supporting two separate Remoterig systems, both systems using RRC-1258 MkII on Yaesu 857d. All boxes running latest firmwares.

Independently of eachother, the "Login" issue has occured several times. And for no obvious reason. I add a picture of the my current remote-box that also now has a "Log in" button in the menu. Everything is working as it should at the moment, but I can't configure the remote box from the remote computer attached to it.

Are there still no workaround or fix possible for the issue? Or firmware upgrade that might close the issue? The remote system's time consuming travelling to do a full reset with the reset button.

See picture showing the current menu:

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