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I would be interested to know what CODEC, RX Jitter buffer, RX Jitter delay and Audio Packet size you are using for acceptable audio quality and minimal dropouts when connecting the RRC Control unit to the internet via a cell phone hot spot.


- Paul

General discussion forum / Garbled Audio
« on: 2021-08-23, 19:11:45 »
I was using the system today for a couple of hours, over the home network (not internet). At one point the audio become completely garbled and unintelligible in both directions. I had to reboot (pull the RRC-control power plug) to fix the problem.

I have no indication of RF getting into the either the RRC-Radio or RRC-Control.

Any thoughts on why this might happen?

- Paul KW7Y

I have my RRC Control and RRC Radio on the same internal wired network. Both are plugged in to the same router. Periodically they are losing connection and eventually reconnect. The RRC Radio has a fixed IP and the RRC Control is DHCP

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?


- Paul

General discussion forum / K3/0 control cable FREE
« on: 2021-08-06, 05:41:04 »
I inherited a Remote Rig Set up. It included the K3/0 control cable which I have no use for. It's yours for the cost of shipping $10.00

- Paul  KW7Y

Thanks to your help I now have audio passing between the RCC's (with no data connection to a radio), using Mode 4.

I'm having a problem getting PTT to pass to the RCC Radio AUX/MIC connector pin called PTT.

Grounding the PTT AUX/MIC pin at the RCC Control correctly toggles PTT in the RCC Radio STATUS page to ON. It also stops audio coming from the Radio which I assume is correct (maybe there's a setting to stop that happening). However it does not toggle the RCC Radio PTT pin; in fact that pin  on the RCC Radio is always grounded.  Am I missing a setting that enables the RRC Radio PTT pin on the AUX/MIC connector?

I have a special application where I wish to pass audio back and forth but will not have the RRCs connected for control to a radio.

I have set the RRC Control and RRC Radio in Program Mode 4 (Kenwood/Yaesu generic).

It seems that without an actual radio (and maybe PC) connected to the RS232 ports that the RRCs remain "disconnected".

Is there anyway I can fool the RRCs to think that they has a PC and Radio connected so that I can pass audio back and forth?


Paul KW7Y

Can any body suggest a Ethernet -WiFi bridge they are  successfully using on the RRC Control box?


- Paul  KW7Y

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