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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / D-710GA Configuration
« on: 2021-06-06, 19:27:55 »
Hi - I'm a new RR user and am having issues getting the two units to talk to each other.  I am working with an RR User in FL, but thought I'd try the group at large.  I have them plugged into the same network switch at my home.  I have used the Setup Manager and am trying to get them to use DHCP, but when I make that change and then try to Browse to them to make further changes, the Control unit won't show up on the "Find Devices" screen.  I usually have to pull the power for a minute and then 'Reset" the unit.  I've done this half-a-dozen times with the same outcome.   Can anyone help, please? 

Thanks, Mike - N0ANP - Bloomington, MN

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