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Hi Mitch!

Last weekend, my friend Alex UD4FD and I were sorting out the problem of TR4W vs RRC1258.
The K3 Twin algorithm does not allow normally working with the TR4W logger.
Unlike WinTest or DxLog, TR4W can receive all the parameters of the transceiver CAT, including the frequency value,
only in response to its requests, wich it sends every 10-20 ms.
At the same time, the RRC1258 generates IF requests to the remote K3 every 80-100 ms, regardless of whether the valcoder of the local K3 rotates. All these requests are added to RRC1258 and via IP and COM2 are sent to remote K3.
TR4W for some reason does not receive responses from the remote K3.
To make it work, you need to teach TR4W to read the frequency value from COM1 (which is constantly formed there by internal RRC1258 requests) without sending own IF requests.

In short.
Modification of the TR4W or K3 Twin software is required.

Hi Mitch!

I understood this problem.
I bought USB to COM adapter on FTDI chip.
I installed a proprietary driver. The TR4W doesn't read the frequency anyway.
I connected TR4W to COMExtra instead of WinKeyer and set COM1 to USB in the RRC's web page. Uselessly.
The TR4W doesn't read the frequency anyway.

Normally TR4W receives a frequency in response to its request. If TR4W  is connected to K3 directly without RRC1258, then TR4W receives a data packet
for each request. If TR4W is connected to COM1 via RRC1258, then data for the second K3
is continuously transmitted to COM1. Requests from TR4W either do not have time to reach the local K3,
ore they are ignored. TR4W does not see CAT throught RRC1258.

WinTest constantly reads the frequency value from COM1 without waiting for answers to its requests. WinTest sees the frequency value normally.
To reduce the exchange delays when working with the WinTest, I set the COM1 baudrate 57600.
How to organize the exchange between TR4W and K3 against the background of the data flow between local and remote radio?


Dear Mitch,

Thank you for the prompt response.
If I'm already use COM3 (COMExtra) as WinKeyer, will I be able to get CAT
for TR4W from it as well?

Greetings, colleagues!

I am using RRC1258MkII K3-Twin with loggers TR4W and sometimes WinTest.
The local PC is connected to an RRC COM1 port by cable with Prolific USB-to-COM driver.
If no loggers is running, the Remote Radio is controlled normally.
If any logger starts, the execution time of commands on the remote radio increases.
The reaction to the rotation of the encoder and to the pressing of buttons slows down.
The local and remote position are connected to LAN by an optical cable. Ethernet speed is 1Gbps.
Max ping time is less then 0,1ms. The sound in both directions passes without problems, both with logger and without them.
The main problem is the lack of a frequency readings in TR4W. At the same time, the commands typed in the TR4W (alt_M, alt_B and others) are executed normally. Mouse clicks on the bandmap spots set the K3 to the desired frequency, but with a long delay.
If K3 is connected to the PC with the same cable directly (without RRC system) to RS-232, TR4W reads everything correctly and does not slow down.
WinTest in the same setup reads the frequency normally, but still slows down.

Please, advise me how to achieve the correct operation of the K3-Twin with TR4W logger.

Nick, RM4F

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