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Well all is not quite well. Both units come up and work separately.   They even work for a short time simultaneously.  But after a few minutes one of them will lose synch and itís connection.  One radio is a k3 and the other is a 7100. Any ideas?

Got them going.  Thanks!

Iím sorry guys, I am clueless when it comes to this networking stuff.   I have a couple of stupid questions

I want to have 2 remoterig sets going on my network at one time.  Do I change all of the udp settings on one of them to 13003, 13004 and 13005 along with the main port from 80 to something like 73?   Anything else I need to do

The remoterig control had sip contact to some ddns server.  Didnít work.  I changed to the radio ip and it worked.  But only on the local network.    Any pointers here? 

Thanks for your help

Nevermind  A fellow ham helped me figure it out.   I did not have port forwarding set up properly

I know others have posted about this, but they are older posts.  I have successfully gotten my Remoterig system working on my home network.  But when I attempt to use my Iphone 13 Pro Max, it simply does not work.  I have selected Maximize Compatibility to lock onto 2.4GHz.   The phone shows there is a connection.   The Microbit Manager shows the weird IP addresses, but when I click on "Find Devices", the control unit does not show up on the list.  I have tried using DHCP and using a fixed IP by typing in the correct addresses into the manager.  It just doesn't work despite the phone showing the Remoterig is connected.  Any ideas of what I can try next.  I am totally stumped. 

General discussion forum / Control RRC not recognized
« on: 2022-06-12, 03:52:42 »
I am trying to set up an RRC  system. The Radio RRC is recognized when I plug it into the USB port no problem.  But I canít get the computer to recognize the RADIO RRC.  Are there any simple things I can try or is the control rrc defective?   I must admit this stuff is confusing

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