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General / Re: App Trial Period Has Expired
« on: 2016-05-09, 17:46:43 »
All fixed here.  Thanks!  Nano 1.4.1

General / Re: App Trial Period Has Expired
« on: 2016-05-09, 10:49:16 »
Just checked again.  VFO doesn't work and frequency is grayed out. Transmit button doesn't work either.  Thanks, Rick

Truly outstanding job! Fantastic now!!
Works great!
Thank you, Rick, N6CR

Thanks! Couldn't do it without the uninstall secret. PTT now requires holding the button down.. not like the pitt lock before.  Is there a way to change this function back?
Thank you for the new split function!!  Great job!
Rick, N6CR

Thanks Mike for the reply.  I guess I am now curious as to why the mic buttons don't work.  To the uninformed, it seems that this is just another function like any other on the radio.

Also, can the muted transmit audio be unmuted?  Again, I understand the small latency problem, but in order to adjust the audio parameters from the control site, delayed audio is much, much better than no audio.  Of course this is only for adjustment and testing purposes as the monitor function can easily be turned off from the control head of the 480.

Thank you for your help,
73, Rick N6CR

Any help appreciated! Everything else is working perfectly.  The up/down buttons on the mic don't have any functionality, and with the transmit monitor level turned up all the way to 9, transmit audio can not be heard either through the TS480 control head speaker or speaker jack.
Thanks very much for any ideas.
73, Rick N6CR

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