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After replacing my router with a Google Wifi mesh system I am able to connect either through the lan (  or, after opening ports, through the remoterig DDNS service. Unfortunately, I am unable to take the control to a different location to try it. May I assume that if I am connecting through the Remoterig DDNS I will be able to do that from anywhere?
Thanks, VE7GTC

General discussion forum / Error Tones
« on: 2019-08-11, 03:48:17 »
My remote has stopped connecting. Powering on the TS-2000 with the RC-2000 gives about a half dozen solid tones (sounds like EU phone system. I keep expecting someone to answer!). No other untoward lights or sounds. I am at the control end. Any thoughts?


General discussion forum / TS-2000 Tuning Problem
« on: 2017-08-19, 21:30:31 »
I have a tuning problem with my TS-2000. First, let me say that this may well have absolutely nothing to do with the Remoterig. It could be a radio, or even internet problem. Unfortunately since I am at the remote location, it's pretty difficult to troubleshoot. The problem is simple to describe. I am at the remote location with the TS-2000 control head. Everything works perfectly EXCEPT the tuning knob does not tune. As a result, it is impossible to change frequencies. Also, it is impossible to go through the menu options because that requires turning the tuning knob. It is as if the radio were in lock, but it is not. It will, however, scan. I'm open to all suggestions as I will not be at the radio for another 2 months.


I have been controlling my TS-2000 remotely using the RC-2000 remote head for several years without problem. Normally, I push the power button, there is a quiet beep, and the radio comes to life. Today, I pushed the power button, there was a quiet beep, and then nothing. The control head did not power up, and the radio at the remote location did not power up. The SIP light is solid yellow, the power light is solid green and I double checked the strapping to make sure all was tight. Any thoughts?
Thanks,  Gus  VE7GTC

I noticed a strange anomaly after setting up a new installation yesterday. I'm using an RRC-1258 MKII and a TS-2000 with a remote head. I noticed when I turn up the volume on the remote head  (louder than comfortable) the remote head shuts down. The RRC control is still functioning properly, and the speaker and transmit still work, but since the control head appears off, I can't change frequency of access anything on the radio.

I have tried a different speaker and a heavier power cord  to the power supply (30 amp supply) and that didn't solve the problem. I put a powered speaker on as a workaround, but just curious on other peoples thoughts.

Gus  K2GT   VE7GTC

General discussion forum / Volume Control Issue
« on: 2014-11-06, 01:52:53 »
Hello All,

I am using the RRC1238 Mk2 S with 2.80 firmware. I remote a Kenwood TS-2000 in Canada, and I am in Hawaii. I have a minor but somewhat annoying problem with volume. The TS-2000 has a main receiver and sub receiver with separate volume and squelch controls. The sub receiver works perfectly, both volume and squelch. The main receiver does not. The squelch works properly but the volume control makes little or no difference. There is always some volume. I have tried to lower the volume with Ham Radio Deluxe, but turning it down to zero makes no difference that way either. My workaround now is to trn the squelch up all the way, but I would prefer it would work. Any ideas?

Thanks!   Gus  VE7GTC  K2GT

General discussion forum / Transmitting Audio Hum
« on: 2013-08-10, 02:58:55 »
Recently I have been told there is a fairly loud hum on my remote signal. If I do not use the remoterig but use the radio directly, the signal is clean. The hum is on all bands, HF through VHF. I have replaced virtually every part of the system (except the TS-2000) including a new remoterig system (both radio and control boxes) new cabling, power supplies, and microphone. Any suggestions appreciated.

gus  ve7gtc

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Web Interface Failure
« on: 2011-11-10, 02:23:29 »
Hello All,
Many months ago everything worked, but the system was moved, and now it's hair pulling time. I can plug in the USB cable and get the net info and it shows the proper IP and gateway. However, if I click "Browse unit" the web browser opens up and fails to connect. This happens with both the radio and control units. About 1 out of every 20 tries it connects, but only for a few seconds. Any suggestions?

  gus  ve7gtc

General discussion forum / No Receive Audio at Remote Site
« on: 2011-03-19, 23:02:12 »
Hello everyone,

I am now at my remote site, only 3000 miles away from the radio. It is not as easy to troubleshoot now! The issue I am having is that I do not receive any audio at all. Fortunately I have Skype as a backup so everything works as it should. Obviously, I may have somehow unplugged the speaker plug on my way out the door, but aside from that is there anything I can check in the remoterig software? Thanks!

I purchased my remoterig for a long trip I am taking tomorrow. I had it set up and working perfectly for the last month. I tested it today just before packing the control side, and it did not respond. The control RRC seems ok, but the radio RRC does not repond at all. I couldn't access through the network, so I used the USB cable and ran Microbit setup. It says RRC connected and then does nothing else. You can't even get FW/HW version. It just waits and eventually it says program not responding. It tried reset button and 1 time I was able to get FW/HW version, but nothing else. I've tried different computers and cables. Help please!

General discussion forum / Power LED Blinking
« on: 2011-02-27, 19:23:17 »
   Yesterday I finally succeed in dotting all i's, crossing all t's and getting the remoterig to work with my TS-2000 from a neighbor's house to mine. It worked perfectly with one exception. The power led on the control RRC never stopped blinking. This did not affect anything, but I know it should have been solid green, as the radio RRC is. Has anyone had this issue?
  Gus ve7gtc

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