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General discussion / ARCP 2000 - Easy Rotor Control
« on: 2012-10-21, 21:53:33 »

Are the softwares ARCP 2000 for TS 2000 and Easy Rotor Control (ERC) actually working?
Perhaps someone testet.


General discussion forum / RS-BA1, ICOM, Expert 1K-FA
« on: 2012-07-19, 00:28:45 »

After working  over a year with 2x MK1258-II (act. Vers. 2.60), TS-480 and Expert 1K-FA with contentment, now I changed my remote radio to IC-7600. Still using 2x MK1258-II and Expert 1K-FA. CAT-Software is RS-BA1 by ICOM.
Software RS-BA1 goes via RS232 from PC to Control-RRC COM 2 and from the Radio-RRC via RS 232 to ICOM Levelconverter CT-17. One CI-V from CT-17 goes to CI-V-jack IC 7600 and the other CI-V is connected to  DB15 1K-FA. Program mode: 1 ICOM CI-V. Serial setting COM 2: Mode 2 ICOM CI-V. ( logical parallel or  inactive is definetly not working !)

The remote-software for Expert 1K-FA is connected to COM 1 control-RRC and on the radioside from RRC COM 1 to RS 232 1K-FA, Mode 3.

(Btw: rotaryremote is via a second pair MK1258-II, using it for VHF-transceiver).

So everything works fine: tuning, audio, CW and the Expert switches the bands automaticaly via CI-V from IC-7600 depending  using RS-BA1 software.

Only one problem: from time to time connection failed. It is not a problem of my Internetbandwith. Bauderate is 9600. Changing to 4800 doesn`t solve the failing.

Maybe RS-BA1 has the same problem with MK1258 II, so as RRC Micro PC-Client before release v1.5.0?

Has somebody the same configuration and solved the problems with failing connections?
Or is it the better way  using RS-BA 1 together with RRC Micro PC-Client. Is there any failing of connection yet?


General discussion / Software for RRC-Micro PC-Client
« on: 2011-05-18, 00:21:21 »

Does any other software works as the slow HRD with RRC-Micro PC-Client? I prefere the excellent ICOM Software RS-BA1 for my IC-7600 using C-IV Mode. At the same time I will control my rotor on COM 1 and my Expert 1K-Fa on COM 2.
Or shall I use RRC1258MKII on control- and radio-site?

tks Willi

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