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General discussion forum / Webswitch won't communicate
« on: 2014-12-06, 20:06:08 »
My webswitch 1216H has been working fine.  After reading temperatures, I shut it down (removed all power) to add some additional 1-wire temperature sensors.  Added the first one.  Power  back on.

Can't find it on the browser  (Fixed IP address,
Can't ping it.
Yet, the link light is lit and the activity light flashes on the webswitch and the network switch to which it is connected.

Power down, disconnected new 1-wire sensor, power back on -- same problem.

Thinking IP settings got corrupted, I ran SetupManager and plugged in the USB connection.  Windows7 complains that it can't find a device driver, and then shuts down the "Unknown Device".  Tried it several times, including rebooting Windows, it won't connect to the Webswitch.

Webswitch has the rotor controller board attached (Used to work fine).
Webswitch firmware version is 4.4.

SetupManager is latest, 1.27, I think.

This is the first problem I've ever had with it.

Any suggestions??


I'm connecting CW capabilities for my IC 706 MKIIG.  I'm using a paddle with either the remoterig keyer or the Icom keyer -- which ever works.

I get from the RemoteRig manual that the paddle connection goes into the control RRC.

I'm confused about the connection between the Radio RRC and the radio.  In one place, it suggests connecting a stereo cable from the radio RRC to the radio paddle input, leaving the keyer function in the radio.  In another place, it suggests connecting only the sleeve and tip to the radio, leaving the keyer function in the RRC.

Can anyone tell me how to get it right?


Configuration, RRC 1258 / Icom 706 MKIIG CI-V issues
« on: 2014-09-20, 23:40:25 »
I have a RemoteRig system operating with my Icom 706-MKIIG.  It works great.  Configuration:

Control RRC:
Version 4, Hardware 5, Software 2.78
Program Mode 2 for IC-706 et al
IP address fixed
COMM0 19K2 baud, 8, N 1

Radio RRC:
Version 4, Hardware 5, Software 2.78
Radio ON
Connection OK

I made the modifications to cut an Icom cable between radio and control head and rewired to connect to RRC -- works great.
Audio is set to Mode 8 - Linear coding, 16 bits, 16 KHz

I am now trying to use the use the CI-V interface.  If I connect a USB-RS232 device between the laptop and the Icom RS232 - CI-V converter, all is well.

Control RRC Serial configuration:
COM1 Mode -- Inactive
COM2 Mode -- Mode 2, Icom CI-V
9K6 baud, 8 N 1
Use USB port as COM2 -- Yes
I have installed the latest configuration manager and its virtual serial port drivers.  Several RRC virtual ports are seen by the laptop.  I pointed my software to the virtual com port which is RRC COM2.

Radio RRC Serial configuration:
COM1 Mode -- Inactive
COM2 Mode -- Mode 2, Icom CI-V
9K6 baud, 8 N 1

As you might guess, when I try to use my CI-V control program, it checks the serial link and finds that it doesn't work.

Does the Use USB as COM2 setting apply to BOTH units?  Right now, I'm connecting laptop to Control RRC via USB and Radio RRC to Icom RS232-CI-v converter via serial cable connected to COM2 on the Radio RRC.  Is this why it doesn't work?

Any other suggestions?


Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Rotor Control Anomalies
« on: 2014-08-09, 23:49:49 »
I am using WebSwitch 126H model HAM, hardware 1, and firmware 4.4, dated 12June2014 with Rotor Control 1216L-3.  The rotor is a Yeasu with grouind-to-actuate relays for CW and CCW rotation and an analog output which seems to run  from 0 to about 3.6 volts.

When I first connected it, everything worked fine.  After a few minutes, I see the following behavior:
Pushing and holding CW key turns it red briefly, then back to green, with CW and CCW labels grayed out, followed shortly by normal labels.  The rotor does not move.

Pushing and holding CCW key works normally, most of the time.

I am able to move the rotor to anywhere I want by entering a preset and hitting enter or GO!  That is, it wil move either CW or CCW as necessary.

Any suggestions?
Thanks & 73,

General discussion forum / Web Switch 1216H Firmware Update
« on: 2013-02-23, 22:47:47 »
I am trying to update my Web Switch from 1.18 to the latest.
I downloaded the firmware, and unzipped.
I selected Application upgrade, browsed to the new file, selected it, and then selected update.
After some time, I received, "Firmware file OK, flashing!

That was over 10 minutes ago.

How long should it take to flash the update?

When I go out to the WebSwitch, I see it's network traffic light flashing, the traffic light for the switch port it is plugged in to flashing, and the red LED for the relay which was (and remains) turned on is lit.

The last time I did an upgrade, I don't remember it taking this long.

Do I have a problem??

Jim Sanford

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