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General discussion forum / Re: DNS problems?
« on: 2014-01-28, 23:31:58 »
I have the same problem but I could solve it temporarly by visiting the remote site. The web switch seems not to update dns as it should. Some problem at remote rig server?

I just got 4G at my remote QTH in addition to 1 Mbs/300 kBs ADSL. The 4G latency is around 50-100 mS. What is your experience with this "high latency" when working CW? I am now "spoiled" with only 10 mS on ADSL. The network is by Swedish Telia with 4G at 800 Mhz.
Thanking in advance,

Hello dr OM:s
I am using OM2500A with remote controller in a remote concept with the remote rig concept RRC 1258MKII.
In this set-up COM Port (1) at the remote RRC that is used to controll the OM2500A (via a null modem cable) via TRCVR RS-232 port.  Another COM Port (2) is used to steer the Elecraft K3. COM Port 2 and COM Port 1 are logically in parallell.
Working with OM2500A it works BUT not fully in split mode. The amp keep changes frequency between RX frequency and TX frequency and suddenly makes a random change to an arbitratry frequency outside the ham bands. 
Have anyone any experience with CAT controll and OM amplifiers?  
If I change routing and let K3 CAT go directly to OM 2500 TRCVR RS-232 and the from OM2500 PC RS-232 port to RRC COM2 it works in split mode. Disadvantage is that amplifier has to be in ON every time I want to use the K3. 
Any ides?  
73 Kari

General discussion / Pumping audio
« on: 2013-11-25, 14:05:32 »
I have installed RRC client on old laptop with Win 7. I can establish contact and controll with TRX-manager an ICOM 7600. But the audio is "pumping" at 2 Hz rate like a disturbance in earphone. Is it the audio stream to rapid for this Dell 630? Speaker LED bar shows 10 segments.
73s Kari

Allmänt diskussionsforum / Re: Radioavbrott med ADSL??
« on: 2013-11-01, 12:33:45 »
Jag har testat mycket med ADSL. Nu har jag sedan 2 år mycket stabil ADSL tack vare:
1. Använder Telias ADSL lina så långt som möjligt. De äger ju kopparkabeln (även om den lagts ut på annan underlev.) och man har deras utrsutning DSLAM i telestationen. Ju färre "hopp" mellan leverantörer desto bättre.
2. En bra router är AO. Tyvärr är Telias ADSL router bara skräp. Allmänt känt bland gamers. Kör själv med Netgear DGN2000. Med den kan du också förhandla vilken ADSL hastighet ifall du har bandbredden i abonnemanget. Dvs köra ADSL/ADSL2 och inte ADSL2+ om du inte är för lång från telestationen då ADSL2+ ändå inte fungerar (fast du kanske betalar för det). Flera routrar klarar inte heller fler än 2 portforwarding portar trots att specen säger det (tex Telias router).
3. Gammal telefonkabel. Det är inte ovanligt att den efter 10 år spruckigt och har "intermittent" kortslutning längs den. Jag bytte till ny partvinnad ledning som inte är RF känslig som den gamla otvinnade. Ny ledning kan liggande på backen och koppla RF till jord också.
Med vänlig hälsning,

iPhone App / Re: Fungerar app med gamla switchen 1216e?
« on: 2013-02-05, 09:37:45 »
Tack Micke!

iPhone App / Fungerar app med gamla switchen 1216e?
« on: 2013-02-04, 17:06:56 »
Hej, undrar om app fungerar med den gamla web switchen? 73 Kari

Hi Willi,
Ok thanks I will check those settings for VFO B. Fine on your DSL settings bur there must be something malfunctioning in the RS-Ba1 that it losses connection even at the speeds you mention. I beleive the specification says min 350 kB or so.
I womder if customers of RRC client that use RS-Ba1 have noticed the any shortcomings of the software. I am waiting for my RC-28 and then I can test more.
How is N4PYs software for IC-7600 compared with TRX-manager?
Good weekend Kari

General discussion / Icom RS-BA1 - beta version?
« on: 2012-12-06, 09:33:14 »
What are your experience working with this software with the RRC client? I have been using it now for some days but with RRC control set up over COM2 and PC. Upgraded RS-BA1 firmware v.1.30 as well as in ic-7600 (v.1.11)
I find quite some many shortcomings in this software. E g VFO B in split mode does not change frequency when you adjust frequency in the window. No dual watch implemented either as I can see or? It looses contact with RRC radio quite often. Happens never with TRX- manager in my case.
Now there is the Rc-28 encoder to have a physical tumb wheel for frequency controll. Anyone tested it?
73 Kari

Hi Willi,
Yes thanks and I appreciate all your inputs. I have ordered the RC-28 (hope to get it on Friday) and upgraded to v.1.3 of the firmware. Have you used the RC-28? I also upgraded to firmaware 1.11 for IC-7600.
But I have now tested the RS-BA1 but there some bugs. I cannot change VFO B under split operation. It sticks to the latest VFO B frequency. Often it looses connection and sayes "Lost connection would you like to  try again?"
I can not find Dual Watch  - is this implemented? 
What is your experinec with it? How much bandwidht does it require? It seems to use more bandwidth than TRX-manager. I have about 300-500 kB upstreams but share with ACOM 2000A, three RT-21 rotors controlls, PM2 power meters and some IP-cameras verey now and then. My set up can be seen here:
73 Kari SM0HRP

Just wanted to say that RS-Ba1 now works and connect to rig as TRX-manager. Problem was one stop bit but to many (2 bits instead of one) in the COM port 2 setting in controll RRC. Even HRD now works. TRX manager did not bother with this.
Early evaluation of RS-BA1 shows some inconstistencies in comparison with TRX- manager. But this could be do to old firmware in IC-7600. Thanks for all good inputs.
73 Kari SM0HRP

Hi Willi,
Thanks for all inputs. I will check with HRD and see why I cannot get it to contact the rig. U used to get HRD connecting to COM Port 1 of PC but now it does not work either. So something is strange. A pleasant weekend,
73s Kari SM0HRP

Hi Willi,
Vielen dank fur das schnelle antworte. Ich habe doch die rig am remote location so es ist schwer zu testen erst mit die USB kabel. Kann mann etwas anderes tun?
Vieleicht kan man mit USB kabel in parallell mit COM0 versuchen in die RRC controll  ob die. RS-BA1  die PC Com port besser finden kan. Jetz kann die software nicht COM Port 1 finden or andere COM Porten.

General discussion forum / Setting up Icoms software RS-BA1
« on: 2012-11-29, 12:49:02 »
I have read on this forum that some have suceeded in getting Icoms remote software RS-BA 1 working with the RRC locally (com 2 in parall with com 0) connected  to a PC and RS-232. As I understand this should be feasible without using the Remote Utility part of the software bundle that, as I understand, only provides virtual COM ports for a PC at remote location.
I have configured a IC-7600 with correct CI-V adresses and COM port 1 (of local PC) in the software settings of the Remote Controll but still cannot get it to connect to radio at remote location. Using TRX -manager locally instead works just superbly so I cannot see what is the trick to get RS -BA 1 to play correctly. Any clues? Do i need to use the  Remote Utility program to do something?
Thanking in advance,

Hej, se mitt svar i annan av dina trådår. Med vänlig hälsning, Kari DX Supply AB

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