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Sorry to say that the Thomson router is very troublesome for port forwarding. It is well know by gamers. Intried myself with that router and it did not accept any ports forwarded and having a switch behind it really dislikes. Changed to Netgear DGN 2200N I now have 10 adresses forwarded behind a switch attached to the Netgear. Works just great. Other well working routers and modems for Telia seems to be some Dlink models as well Zyxel. So my advice "throw it away" it is scarp if you want services beyound simple surfing and phone out of it. Telia support inofficially admits this as well.

Hej, jag kör adsl med ca 500 kBit/s upplänk. Efter ha jagat dx under en månad (zd7xf på alla band) mätte jag upp att jag förbrukade ca 170 kB/s i kvalitet 2.  Datamängden räcker långt med andra ord. lycka till Kari SM0HRP /DX Supply AB

I just wanted to share with you all our set up. We run above system since 3 months with 100 % reliability. We worked HK0NA and VP6T on most bands. Works just great. We tried with new HRD but seems very unstable.TRX-manager has NEVER failed. We have ADSL and it tooks us 3 months to decouple from all RFI (separate article on this up-coming) on 160m and 80 m. Audio quality 2.
73 de Kari SM0HRP

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