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configuring the yaesu twins, with a computer at the control site using MMTTY.
Not sure how to configure COM 1 and COM 2 at the Control RRC and the Radio RRC.
In the serial settings setup: is both COM 1 and COM 2 set to Mode 6 at the Control and Radio RRC's ??
or is it set differently ?
please help anyone ?
thanks, Fred VE3PIE

Hi Mitch,

You said the Microbit antenna switch integrates in the RemoteRig system. I thought I control it by an enternet explorer window opened up the IP address of the remote switch, and then select from one of the 10 antennas by clicking on the correct number. Is there anything more that I am not aware of ?
thanks, Fred

Hi Roger,
Sorry I could not get back to you earlier. Had hernia surgery - all ok now.
Thanks for the offer, but I will like look for one of the lantronix devices.

Hi Mitch,
I am going to go with the remote rig yaesu twins. One question about RTTY. When I am running remotely I believe I can use MMTTY.  Do I connect the PC to COM1 even though COM 1 and 2 are used for the twin configuration (page 134 of the manual) ? 

I will use the antenna switch 1269. Do you know if the antenna switch has a default setting- is the switch set to antenna 1 if the device is not turned on ? or are all the antennas grounded when not turned on ?

To control the rotator and the linear amplifier I will look for a lantronix EDS 4100 or Moxa NPort 5410 serial server.
Is one brand better than the other ?

Finally I need your advice on some relay switches to turn on the 120vac for the yaesu rotor, 120vac for a ventilation fan, 120vac power supply for the antenna switch, I may need one for the linear amp, and possibly a supply voltage for the LP-Remote if I use this device.

choice 1: webswitch 1216H - I believe this has only 5 switches. Using this device my requirements just about use all the relays. I could put a few devices on one relay to leave some relays available for other things, but would rather have them individually controlled.

choice 2: remote webswitch for 117 vac powered devices, such as the Ambery IP-P3 remote power switch, which can control 4 devices.
   To control this device I need 1 serial port. 

choice 3: LP-Remote    This has as many relays as I will ever need. If I need a 12 volt supply I can monitor the voltage-which is a nice bell & whistle, and has macros. I like the idea of expandibility and the voltage monitoring.

I think that about covers it. Did I forget anything ?
thanks for your help

Hi Roger,
thanks for the offer. I think I may accept that offer.  what is the model number so I can look it up ?
Does it have 16 RS-232 output ports ?  I could use it for my main station.

For Roger and Mitch, and anyone else  - thanks for your help

I am a complete novice at setting up this remote setup.
I need to do it ASAP because I go to florida often where I stay at a condo. No antennas allowed, but I have a Yaesu FT-2000 there.  I love to have my hands on a radio, hence the yaesu twins idea.

For the remote control I would like to have a serial server on both ends so that no computers are required, especially as the radio site. I assume that is what is meant by the term "tunnelling"

To start, I thought I would buy the yaesu twins to allow my FT-2000 at the control site  "control" my FTDX-9000 at the radio site.  The CAT uses COM2.  I thought that COM1 was available as a “tunnelled “ serial port. I am not sure about this. Mitch I thought you said that COM1 was not available. Please clarify!

Next would be control of the alpha 9500 amplifier.  If  I had a tunnelled serial port I could use a PC at the control site with the alpha software.

Next comes the yaesu rotor, also requiring a tunnelled  RS-232 port. What software would I use?
I could use a logging program with rotor control built in, or would the 1216H work ? I think I have a idiompress interface hanging around the shack – or should I use the 1216L with the 1216H. I also don’t know the difference between the 1216H and the RC-1216H. Can you clarify ? With the 1216H is there software that has a display on the monitor to allow me to operate the relays ?

Or do I consider some lantronix or Moxa serial server ?
Can you comment on the LP-Remote ? would this be useful ? I like it because I can monitor the voltage on several power supplies, and can easily allow me to turn on and off relays.  How does the software at the control site (displayed on a PC) actually control the device? Is it thru a tunnelled serial port or thru IP address?

I would like a few extra serial ports available – for future expansion.

Finally I need some relays. I want to be able to control a 12 vdc supply, and control antenna relays to select one of 3 antennas. Will the 1216H do this? and does it have software to control all these relays ?
or should I look at something like LP-Remote ?

How do I tackle the coax relays -   not sure what to buy. I am told relays are expensive.
I thought of using an Ameritron RCS-4X or RCS-8V antenna switch. I could then wire up the relays across the terminals of the antenna switch, and in that way select which antenna I want. There must be an easier way.

Roger -  I think you know Don Dashney VE3RM ? when I was 15 years old in high school Don taught me in my ham radio class back in Montreal !

I would like to start ordering the equipment I need right away, so helping me figure the setup  and necessary equipment would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Fred   VE3PIE

thanks for that information.
what I don't understand is the pricing - it makes it seem like the hardware is different.
on the webshop the prices are:
yaesu twin set (including all cables)  $ 726
1258MkIIs set $ 505 + yaseu mic cables $ 71 + Yaesu CAT cables $ 70 = $ 646
I think the only difference is a few audio cables and the jumpers in the twin set.
yet the yaesu set is $ 120 more. Am I missing something ?
thanks, Fred

if I want an 8 port serial server is there one you would recommend from lantronix or Moxa ?
I am not familiar with these products
thanks, Fred

General discussion forum / RRC 1258 versus Yaesu Remote rig
« on: 2013-07-19, 16:47:34 »
I have a yaesu FT 2000 and FTDX9000D. I want to use remote rig in the twin configuration (FT2000 at control site and FTDX9000 at the radio site)
I want to have as many virtual serial ports available as possible to run rotor and linear amp and antenna switches.
do I buy the RRC 1258 pair or the yaesu twin pair ? I thought someone told me the yaesu twin pair has 1 less serial port than the RRC1258 pair. I am not sure this is true. Can anyone tell me what to buy ?? I will need another piece of hardware for the other virtual serial ports.
Do I have 1 extra virtual serial port if I buy the remote rig pair ?
Do I buy the 1216H and 1216L ?
To get other serial ports do I buy LP-Remote ? or something else.

General discussion forum / control Yaesu FT9000 with FT2000
« on: 2012-03-16, 01:52:02 »
At my home I have a Yaesu FTDX9000D with a rotator and alpha linear amp.
At my remote site I have a FT2000. If I use the RRC-1258mkIIs yaesu twins can I control the FTDX9000 with the FT2000?
If I can, then can I also control my rotator and maybe my alpha amp with this setup?
or do I have to do something else like use a computer at the remote site with software such as the TRX manager to control the FTDX9000?
In the latter scenerio do I need a set of regular RRC-1258mkIIs ?
thanks for any help anyone can give me.
Thanks, Fred

General discussion forum / Re: Can a FT2000 control a FT9000
« on: 2011-11-15, 08:14:55 »
What do you think the chances of being successful with these 2 rigs. Do I need to buy the Yaesu twin combination ? What is unique to this combination compared to the regular MKIIs.
If I do purchase it and it does not work, do you you have a return or refund policy?

General discussion forum / Can a FT2000 control a FT9000
« on: 2011-11-07, 06:30:18 »
At home in Toronto I have a yaesu FT9000D and  beam antenna with a yeasu rotator.
I have  a yaesu FT2000 in a apartment in florida. Can I use this setup and operate using the FT2000 to control the FT9000?
Is it also possible to setup the 1216H webswitch to control the yaesu rotator?

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